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This is the gentle spreading of essential oils to the body to promote a deep state of calm and peace. Both the application process and the oils allow clients to relax, despite the ongoing stressors of their daily lives. This is a wonderful self-care practice and highly effective in reducing stress and anxiety. Clients will have a short consultation with Mindy regarding the healing they are seeking, including stress or anxiety reduction, sleep, relieving body aches or boosting immunity or others. The oils used will be tailored to each client's needs. Essential oils will be gently applied to the hands, arms, back, and feet while clients rest on a massage table. Clients leave feeling relaxed and restored!

Cost: $75 per session

Mindy is also available to consult about skin care needs.

Aromatouch is for women only.

"Had an Essential Oils Healing Touch session and it was truly the most relaxing treatment I have ever received. Mindy is so sweet. She sat with me to find out what kind of healing I was looking for and chose the oils specific to my needs. I just wanted to unwind from all of my stress. She spread the oils in a very gentle manner. I slipped into a relaxed state within the first few minutes. This is something I want to have regularly! I highly recommend this treatment - and Mindy!!"


Essential Oil Massage with Mindy

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