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Intuitive Brainstorming for Entrepreneurs

Do you ever feel like your work needs that one thing, a spark to ignite everything, but can't figure out what it is? Do you ever have ideas, but fear holds you back from implementing them? Kim will intuitively answer your burning questions about yourself, your business and your work!

Intuitive Brainstorming for Entrepreneurs
Intuitive Brainstorming for Entrepreneurs

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Dec 14, 2023, 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM EST



Are you having questions about your business and work, that you can't quite figure out the answer to - or know deep down what it is, but are holding yourself back from carrying them out? 

As an entreprenur, you are a creator. The ideas either flow ubundantly or are crickets! The success of your business is super important, afterall, it is your baby! This can be why it is so hard to make decisions and put yourself out there in new and exciting ways. 

This is where Kim comes in to help you move forward, by working intuitively with you. 

What is an Intuitive Brainstorm? Kim works intuitively to answer your burning questions about yourself and/or your work.  She will speak opennly, compassionately and offer direct guidance to help you move forward in your work in the way that you are truly meant too. 

Working intuitively is a Soul to Soul connection - where Kim's Soul blends with yours to access information for you. She obtains information from Guides, her Soul and your aura. 

During this event, Kim may use tools such as cards or her pendulum to access information. 

Come with your questions and witness what is available when working in this way. Intuitive abilities are a natural part of everyone and can be learned and strengthened with education and practice. 

Kim is an evidential psychic medium who helps you connect to the wisdom and intuition from deep within to support you throughout your life.




1:30pm EST via ZOOM



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**This event has limited spots to allow for all to be able to ask a question and receive guidance. 

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