Intuitive Soul
Coaching Program

Do you want to learn how to:

  • Release layers of limiting beliefs and self doubt and connect to the love and power from within you

  • Use your inner vision and council to become your own guardian

Kim will help you to reach a deeper understanding of yourself, and connect with your soul. Sessions integrate all aspects of Kim's training, including intuitive readings, education, meditation, energy healing, and other tools to guide you back to yourself.


Do you want to learn how to build a connection with your soul?

There are many ways to connect with your soul. It can occur through meditations, writing exercises, developing an understanding of your intuition and a variety of other ways.

We will work together for you to learn how to do this effectively.

Are you ready to heal? 

Each time you let go of a layer of your self-judgment, trauma and pain, more of your soul will greet you.

In exchange of this release is the rising of your soul. 

We will work together to help you overcome this obstacle and meet the true, loving you.

Do you want to:

  • Stop endless therapy, healing sessions and other routes to overcome the struggles of life which are not giving you the results you desire for your anxiety, trauma and grief

  • Shed layers of limiting beliefs and self doubt to live within the love of your soul

  • Free yourself from worry and anxiety

  • Trust, value and believe in yourself, and be confident, finally discovering your self-love within

  • Deepen your understanding of the soul, your connection to it and grow spiritually, shedding old beliefs and making room for new

  • Stop feeling overwhelmed as an empath by all you are absorbing from everything around you and learn how to set boundaries

  • Discover and step into your life purpose


You will:

  • Shed layers of limiting beliefs, life's struggles, trauma and grief

  • Become confident as you connect with your soul and redefine yourself with the words of your soul

  • Look at yourself in a new and loving way, letting go of your negative self beliefs and hurtful self-talk, understanding  that the true essence of you even on your most difficult days is all love and light

  • Overcome the power stress and anxiety hold over you, understanding their roots and letting go 

  • Discover you are worthy and enough

  • Allow the love from deep within you to be your driving force in every expression of you

  • Allow your soul to rise and touch you and all around you

  • Connect to joy even while grieving and struggling

  • Ignite faith and hope and live in gratitude

  • Live a life fulfilled 

  • Become a reflection of your soul - powerful, loving and radiant


Do you want to live with gratitude?

As you do this, you will let go of judgment, live in a state of gratitude and abundance with an open heart filled with love for yourself. 

Kim will be your witness and your guide, helping you activate your soul, step into your soul truth, and anchor you to this power and love from within you. 

Kim works intuitively, using her developed ability to connect to your soul and energy to receive information about your life experiences, how they have affected you emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually, and the healing you need to overcome your struggles. She incorporates all aspects of her professional training in this program. Kim works from a place of love and positivity. 


Do you want to live in a state of fulfillment?

In your work with Kim, this will become a way of living and being. When you need your soul, you will know how to connect with it.

Wherever you go, your soul follows.  The soul is the forever you. 

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The Soul Coaching Program

This is a 10 session, integrative program. We will work towards your goals and healing needs with intuitive readings, education, spiritual discussions, meditation, energy healing and other tools to help you connect with your soul to live your life more fulfilled. Each session will focus on a different aspect of your needs to help you reach a deeper understanding of yourself and be connected to your soul. You will learn how to continue to blend with your soul independently and see yourself and others through more loving eyes.. This will become a way of living and being. You will also receive a numerology consult which will give you further clarity about who you are and your soul purpose.

  • 10 1-on-1 sessions

  • intuitive readings and assessment to define healing needs and goals

  • education and spiritual exploration

  • teachings on how to blend with your soul

  • guidance and release of limiting beliefs to ignite self love and transform how you define yourself

  • energy healing

  • meditations created for you

  • custom gratitude affirmation or prayer

  • channeled poem created for you

  • numerology reading

  • workbook/journal which coordinates with each session


Book a free consultation to learn if this is right for you.


How long does this take?

You will do this work at a pace that is comfortable for you. Average length of time to complete the 10 sessions is 3-6 months. The spacing out of sessions allows for maximum growth, integration of education, healing and transformation. 


Will I be able to connect with my soul?

Yes! Kim will teach you simple techniques to learn how to access this powerful part of you for guidance and healing. It is a natural ability within to blend with your soul. You will leave the program knowing exactly how to do this any time you need to.


What are my payment options?

You may choose to pay in full at a discounted rate or one of the payment plan options.  Contact Kim for pricing.

Can I use insurance?

No. Insurance does not cover the nature of this work.


All work is remote via Zoom.


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