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“When your center shines brightly, it provides enough fuel for yourself and others.” ~ Kim

My mood was filled with anxiety as I got out of my car to enter the courthouse for jury duty. A woman joined me on my walk into the courthouse. We sat together as we waited to be called to be interviewed for the case. My conversation with her immediately altered my focus from self-absorption to compassion, even though the thought of deciding another person’s fate was stressful to me.

This lovely lady began to tell me her story. She had recently been through multiple serious and painful surgeries and was still recovering. In fact, she had a long list of medical complications and was no longer able to work. She appeared about 10 years older than her age. As she told me about her hardships, she did so with a smile. I was struck by this. How could she be so upbeat? Her expression was cheerful, and she was not complaining at all. In fact, she was happy to be at jury duty to help someone who was on trial. As she told me about her family, she exuded warmth. She expressed with great pride how much she loved and cared for them. She seemed to be happy about the things they were achieving.

We had to walk up a large flight of old, curved stairs to enter the courtroom. I knew she needed an elevator and offered to bring her to it. She declined, with a smile, and said, “I am supposed to be using a cane, but I left it home because I don’t want them to think I want sympathy.”

I was struck by her apparent joy and compassion for both her family and her community. Life was trying to beat her down, but she was sitting in her own personal power. She trusted all would be ok. She was free from worry and anxiety. Because her self-worth was healthy and strong, she was able to have a positive outlook. I think of these traits - affects self-worth, ability to trust, compassion towards others—all as indicators of a healthy solar plexus, and hers was shining brightly.

As I had these thoughts, I looked at her. Her solar plexus was golden and bright, like the sun. (See tip below for fueling your solar plexus). This is the magic of a strong solar plexus. It not only positively affects the individual, but also those around them. We are not meant to be isolated. It is through our connection to others that we can spread healing and joy.

She ended up being picked for the jury. As I left, I saw her sitting in the jurors’ room. She looked up at me and smiled as if to say, “I’m so glad to serve”.

I will remember this lovely soul. She warmed me up that day. She is a reminder that we can open each other’s chakras; getting that energy moving and healing. We are built for unity, as this strengthens us and spreads compassion and kindness.


Tip to fuel your solar plexus:

Did you know certain foods can help fuel our solar plexus? The solar plexus requires carbohydrates to help it spin, moving the energy in and out of us. I know many of us shy away from carbs, but these are a good choice for a healthy solar plexus. Try some brown rice or bulgur wheat as healthy choices. These foods are soothing to our stomachs and fueling to this important area in our bodies! I grew up on bulgur wheat pilaf from my great grandmother. See her wonderful and easy bulgur pilaf recipe below:

1 cup bulgur wheat

1/8 cup of fine noodles

3-4 tbs butter

2 1/2 cups chicken broth

Melt butter in a pot and brown the fine noodles. When the noodles turn golden brown, add your bulgur and chicken broth. Bring to a simmer, cover and cook for 20 minutes. Serves 4.


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