~ an intuitive and spiritual path to healing


"I have been seeing Kim for over 8 months for and was finally able to experience true personal growth and positive change in my life with her guidance. Her ability to integrate spirituality into our discussions was so unique and effective for me personally. You get the best of both worlds with Kim - traditional therapy combined with new age healing techniques.”


Therapy with Kim

"Kim, is honestly the best. She truly helped my husband and I reconnect. She helped us understand each other. And for once actually listen to each other. She helped save our marriage. Kim doesn't tip toe around issues. Without pushing too hard she has you confront your issues and why you're there. The entire time being supportive. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Reiki. It was completely new to me and at first I wasnt sure about it. But it was amazing. Calming. I recommend Kim without reservation"


Therapy with Kim

"Hypnosis allows you to peel away layer after layer of resistance and easily access information hidden inside yourself to live your best, most wonderful, rich and fulfilling life. Prepare to amaze yourself at the gifts this can unlock for you that are within yourself - easily within reach once hypnotized. The answers are inside you but you need Kim to unlock them. It is empowering to think I had all that right inside me."


Healing with Kim

"During a past life regression healing I was looking for emotional healing and physical healing. It was very easy for me to go into trance and the past life shown to me answered my questions about my life. After the healing my skin was cleared up from a rash, my desire for smoking is leaving and my husbands pain is healing (I had asked for healing for my husband through me). Kim is extremely knowledgeable and is a wonderful guide. I felt extremely comfortable and safe during this experience. I feel I am more connected to myself. I highly recommend this experience." 


Working with Kim

"For me, meeting with Kim would take place during the most spiritual week of my entire life, all 49 plus years of pain, culminating in this one session of the most amazing “healing process.” It's as if, all the spiritual parts of my life, all aligned, and I am finally free of this pain? Really?! Kim is a very knowledgeable therapist, and her approach, as well as her “couch-side manner,” is/was a comfort for this experience. She is very passionate about what she does, and it comes shining through in her approach to therapy.” Her voice and her manner, immediately put me at ease! The outcome, well, that is indescribable to say the least! What I’ve gained is far too personal to reveal here. However, I strongly recommend this for anyone who has been carrying the weight of life experiences! I am no longer chained to the pain of my past, nor am I afraid of what the future may hold for me! I am finally in a total state of peace: mind, body, and soul! No regrets about my past, nor the pain which once accompanied those memories! I am excited for my future!!" 


Working with Kim

"I would highly recommend A Centered Self for hypnosis. I had a session last Friday and the results were amazing. I've done plenty of self-hypnosis (not required) but this session with Kim brought out an experience unlike any other. I don't want to spoil it for you with too much info, and each individual experience will be unique, but it completely blew my mind."

Lisa R.

Working with Kim

“I received several healings to assist in personal growth and physical well being. I was given guidance with my present life and was in awe of the loving, kind messages from so many beings who have crossed over. It was a profound experience and I am still feeling the benefits!! My experience was wonderful. Felt so peaceful, relaxed and had tools to continue to assist me even after the session was complete.”

Pat Bates

Working with Kim

"During my hypnosis session, my mother who passed when I was a teenager came to me and was taking some of the burden of my constant worrying. I felt the presence of my mother taking my hand and carrying the brunt of it. I am at peace knowing my Mom is taking care of me. I also am much less judgmental of my family and am working hard at being positive and grateful for the blessings I have in my life. This experience had made me into the woman I knew I could be. Just needed some help by Kim to get where I needed to be. I felt comfortable and at ease as soon as I met Kim. She was extremely knowledgable and professional. I would highly recommend Kim to any client interested in self improvement. I am so much less stressed and a more positive person because of my experience with Kim. Anyone looking to heal or need answers to help you grow into the person you are meant to be needs to make an appointment with Kim."

Carole Helene

Working with Kim

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Kim believes that self-love, compassion, confidence, and value of the self are the foundation upon which all other aspects of the person depend to connect to strength and resilience. Kim’s focus is heart centered, to help develop a positive view of the self and nourish self compassion. Once self-love, compassion, confidence, and value are acknowledged, repair of the effects of stress, anxiety, trauma, and loss and the development of healthy relationships can take place.


If it is possible to have understanding and compassion for others, why not for ourselves? Self-compassion differs from self-esteem, because it connects to the heart rather than the ego. It is not dependent upon a lack of mistakes or successes. It fosters joy and an appreciation for yourself and proactive responses to life’s situations. The route to achieving self compassion is through the heart and directly to the soul. This is where we discover we are comprised of all love. The goal is to feel and know how to connect to your soul, moving from soul to heart to conscious mind.


Intuitive therapy consists of  clinical work infused with Kim's intuitive skills. Intuitive information is derived at the soul level; searching deeply to discover information centered around your healing needs. Emotional patterns and limited beliefs affecting how you value yourself will be identified. Root causes are discovered. With intuitive guidance, the client is not solely responsible for self-discovery. This lessens the burden of work for the client. 


Clients may book appointments to receive Reiki healing, mediumship or card readings to supplement their therapeutic experience. These sessions aim to provide guidance and encouragement.  


Kim's therapeutic skills are integrated in all work to help you develop a self compassionate way of thinking and living. She incorporates mindfulness, meditation, and other therapeutic techniques into her sessions. In bereavement work, she approaches grief as a natural transformation in one’s life. The focus will be on helping you adjust to this change and feel confident that you can endure life with loss. 


Discover your true resilient self with and enjoy a freer and healthier way of thinking and relating to others. Flourish and heal from the struggles of life.