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Intuitive Soul Coaching Program


  • Do you want to discover the power and love within you and become your internal truth?

  • Are you a survivor of trauma, stress, grief and other life struggles and feeling tired of endless psychotherapy not giving you the results you desire? Are you wanting deeper healing?

  • Are you caught in the trap of your limiting beliefs and not feeling you are enough?

  • Are you curious about your life purpose and want to find your path?

  • Do you want to understand and connect to your soul to find direction, guidance and healing?

If you are answering 'yes' to any of these questions, this program is for you. Begin a healing and educational journey taken with Kim as your guide and witness, where you will learn how to connect with your soul and let go of limiting beliefs, ignite confidence and know you are worthy. 


This is a one of a kind 10 session program - developed by Kim!

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Soul Inspirations Caf

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all services offered remotely via Zoom

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Soul Hypnotherapy,
Bereavement Support & Mentoring

Address all of the changes an awakening ignites. Discover your intuition, intuitive abilities, expand your spiritual beliefs and progress in your personal development. 

 Intuitive Readings & Reiki

As an intuitive, Kim is able to connect with your energy to bring clarity and provide any guidance.

Reiki is a form of energy healing.

Meditations & Podcast

Kim’s meditations are channeled by her soul and guides. They are a variety of guided imagery, short inspirational talks & more.

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Channeled Personalized Poem, Affirmation and Prayers

This is a wonderful way to feel uplifted and grateful each day and hear what spirit wants to tell you.

Soul Hypnotherapy

Do you want to:

  • Heal from the effects of trauma, anxiety, stress and other areas of your life?

  • Enter a deep state of relaxation to connect with your higher self?

  • Hear what you soul wants to tell you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Soul Hypnotherapy is for you! Kim uses hypnotherapy to connect you with your higher self to explore many aspects of your life and receive healing.

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Initial Heart Necklace
Spirtual Awakenin Mentor
Bereavement Support

Has the loss of a loved one ignited many spiritual questions?


Are you feeling overwhelmed by your grief?


Do you want to learn how to receive signs or feel the presence of your loved ones?


Kim works intuitively and uses her skills as a coach and therapist to support and guide you through your grief.


You will explore your beliefs and learn about the world of spirit from Kim's experience as a medium. She will educate you about signs from your loved ones and help you feel more connected with them.


Begin to incorporate joy back in to your life along side your grief.

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Morning Rituals

Are you experiencing a spiritual awakening and wanting to reach a deeper understanding of this process?


Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, tired, disconnected from others, confused about your changing beliefs and shifts in your relationships and work goals?


Are you curious about learning more about your intuition and intuitive abilities?

Are you a therapist and want to learn how to use your intuition and develop intuitive abilities to help your clients?

Are you a teacher of psychic mediumship and looking for someone to support and guide your students in their personal development as it relates to their mediumship developement?


If you have answered, 'yes' to any of these questions, these sessions are for you. 

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Intuitive Reading

As an intuitive, Kim is able to connect with your soul to bring clarity and provide guidance.

During your session Kim may use various tools such as oracle cards or if you like she can read your tea leaves in an ancient practice. 


Reiki is a gentle restorative energy healing. During your session, Kim will clear and balance your chakras and let you know what she senses You will feel balanced and restored.

You will receive Reiki through Zoom.

Contact Kim if you are interested in becoming certified in Reiki.

Intuitive Readin


Kim’s meditations are channeled by her soul and guides. They are a variety of guided imagery, short inspirational talks, and channeled poetry on specific topics.

Kim also offers custom live meditations. She will meet with you to provide an individual meditation and send you the recording for future use. She is available for both individual and group live meditations.


Kim has presented a variety of spiritually related topics and has spoken for the Spiritualists' National Union International, SNUI, for their Science and Mediumship Series. She pulls from the philosophy given her by her soul and guides as well as her experiences as a medium and clinician.Kim is available for speaking engagements and teaching.


Channeled Personalized Poem, Affirmation and Prayers


Kim will provide you with an intuited channeled personalized poem, affirmation or prayer. 

This is a wonderful way to feel uplifted and grateful each day and hear what spirit wants to tell you.

Reading with Coffee

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