Soul Coaching

Reach a deeper understanding of yourself, and connect with your soul. Over the span of 10 sessions, through intuitive readings, education, meditation, energy healing, and other tools to guide you back to yourself.


The Program

There are many ways to connect with your soul. It can occur through meditations, writing exercises, developing an understanding of your intuition and a variety of other ways. We will work together for you to learn how to do this effectively.

Over the span of 10 sessions, we will work towards your goals and healing needs with intuitive readings, education, meditation, energy healing and other tools to help you connect with your soul. Each session will focus on a different aspect of  your needs and help you reach a deeper understanding of yourself. You will learn how to continue to blend with your soul independently by the end of the program. You will also receive a numerology consult which will give you information about your soul purpose.

Kim works intuitively, using her developed ability to connect to your soul and energy to receive information about your life. Intuitive is another word for psychic. Kim will be able to receive information about your past and how it has affected you emotionally, psychologically, and the healing you need to overcome your struggles. She does not predict the future and works from a place of love and positivity. Kim may use cards or other tools to connect to this information. 


$1375 or $150 per session | 10 Sessions

  • 10 1-on-1 sessions

  • 2 meditations

  • custom gratitude prayer

  • channeled poem created for you

  • numerology reading

  • workbook/journal which coordinates with each session.