Spiritual Awakening

A spiritual awakening can be disruptive and challenging as you adjust to your new emerging self. Old wounds and struggles may rise to the surface, needing exploration and healing. Mentorship provides the opportunity to explore
these in a private, safe and supportive environment with the expertise of a professional who has also experienced a spiritual awakening.

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This is a journey taken with Kim providing you with education, support and guidance as you discover and explore your intuition, intuitive abilities, expand your spiritual beliefs and progress in your personal development. 

Are you experiencing a spiritual awakening and wanting to reach a deeper understanding of this process?


Do you want to:

  • Ignite your intuition and learn how to trust and use it

  • Address the question which causes you distress, whether you are discovering or feeling spirit or feeling “crazy” and receive expert guidance to sort this out and understand the difference

  • Learn how to navigate your life as an empath

  • Explore and deepen your understanding of the world of spirit

  • Begin your intuitive development and education to understand this part of you 

  • Learn how to continue a relationship with a loved one who has passed in a safe and loving way, deepening your understanding of how to communicate, receive signs and trust

  • Address and receive guidance in your personal development as you awaken and the many changes to your beliefs, relationships, work ambitions and self-care

  • Strengthen your skills as a psychotherapist or healer by deepening your understanding and connection to your intuition and how you can use this in your work



Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, tired, disconnected from others, confused about your changing beliefs or fearful of this process?

You will:

  • Learn about the soul to soul communication and understand this ability to be aware of spirit is a natural part of you

  • Release fear and myths about the world of spirit

  • Begin to strengthen, trust and feel confident in your intuition and your intuitive abilities and how this can help you in your everyday life

  • Deepen your connection with your soul

  • Explore your own spiritual beliefs and expand upon these

  • Foster a relationship with your spirit guides

  • Receive support and guidance in your personal development and make connections between aspects of yourself and how they interact and sometimes interfere with your intuitive abilities

  • Be supported each step of the way, feeling empowered, heard and validated


We will shine a light on your soul which has been hidden in the dark.

Your soul’s love flows eternal. - Kim


In this mentorship Kim will:

  • Educate you about what is intuition, intuitive and psychic mediumship and how this process works

  • Educate you about soul to soul communication, including the use of your soul senses

  • Help you understand this is natural and demystify it so you can feel empowered, unafraid, healthy and 'normal'

  • Use her skills as a therapist and energy healer to help you work through the shifts and changes an awakening causes in your personal life, relationships, work and belief system

  • Teach you how to connect with your soul and sit in the power, its uses and benefits to you

  • Teach you how to connect with and develop a relationship with your spirit guides

  • Help you set boundaries with spirit and in your personal life

  • Teach you important self care practices to support you in your awakening and soul journey

  • Take the fear out of this journey for you, igniting excitement, hope and fulfillment


Are you ready for support and guidance to help you fully step into this new emerging self?

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How to begin your mentorship

You may book individual sessions as needed or schedule a series of 4, 8 or 12 sessions at a discounted price where Kim will help you define areas to explore, healing needs and goals. With a series of sessions you will go on a mini soul journey with deep exploration and education about the soul and the world of spirit. This will be customized to your individual needs. Kim works from a place of support, love and compassion.

$175 per individual session | Or Packages:

$597 per 4 session package  | $1088 per 8 session package  | 

Book your first session and decide after meeting if you would like to continue with one of the packages. The cost of your first session will be subtracted from the package.

Book a free consultation or your first session.


How long does this take?

You will do this work at a pace that is comfortable for you. The spacing out of sessions allows for maximum growth, integration of education, healing and transformation. If paying per session, the spacing of sessions also alleviates financial difficulty. 

Can I just book one or two sessions? Are these sessions beneficial to developed intuitive and psychic mediums?

Yes and yes! You may work with Kim in as many or few sessions needed. 

Kim works with many developed mediums, helping them with issues that arise in their personal development, spiritual beliefs or mediumship as they grow.


Can I pay as I go?

Yes. You can pay each time you book a session, allowing you to spread out the financial commitment over time. Or, you may choose one of the packages at a discounted rate after your first session. The cost of your first session will be subtracted from the package cost. 


Can I use insurance?

No. Insurance does not cover the nature of this work.

All sessions are remote via Zoom.