Kim reads cards intuitively and unconventionally. She uses Tarot and oracle cards to connect to wisdom to help clients with personal insight and transformation, and to provide guidance and encouragement. Tarot cards were created during the Renaissance. They were works of art and originally used as playing cards. Over the centuries, their use transformed and they became associated with mystical purposes and divination. Tarot is often called the Royal Road; and a reading from Kim will have you traveling down this road to receive deeper wisdom.

If you enjoy setting goals and intentions to help with your personal development, your work or business, then this could be just what you need!


The reading is provided to you via your choice of online video conferencing, in person or email. 

Group Card  Readings:

Invite a group of (maximum 6) friends/family to enjoy 2 hours at ACS, sipping tea, chatting and each having an individual reading.

End the evening with a live guided imagery meditation where Kim will also send Reiki to the group. Learn more

"Kim gave me a virtual tarot reading and it was very relevant to my current situation. Her reading was extremely detailed and gave me useful action steps for moving forward. Of all the tarot reading I've ever received, Kim's has been the most relatable and sincere. This was my first interaction with Kim, and I felt like she knew exactly who I was and what I needed. Thank you so much, Kim!" - Amy Ellingson

Amy Ellingson

Tarot Card Reading

"Kim gave me a wonderful virtual tarot reading! I asked for a general reading - and she really connected to what has been going on with me in life and spiritually! I was left from the reading feeling very motivated and that I am on the right path. She was able to connect with my guides, and channel my circumstances so well, and even gave me a couple last messages post-reading. Thanks for the great reading, Kim!"

Maria Blandini

Tarot Card Reading

"This was my first time coming to A Centered Self, and it was just perfect.  The space is beautiful.  My tarot card reading with Kim confirmed so many things for me.  Everything was so accurate, and helped me see things in a new way.  Working with Kim is like being with a old friend - I felt like I could tell her anything and she really understood me.  Her messages were filled with kindness, empathy, and wisdom.  I am so glad I had a tarot card reading with Kim, and can’t wait to go back!"  - Carla


Tarot Card Reading

"Kim's Reiki methods rescued me during the most trying and sorrowful time of my life. She put my body and mind at ease, gave me joy and helped me to heal. Her Reiki messages were powerful and energized me to face the world."


Reiki with Kim

"LOVE LOVE LOVE the Reiki. It was completely new to me and at first I wasnt sure about it. But it was amazing. Calming. I recommend Kim without reservation" 


Reiki with Kim

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