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Soul Coaching

Discover the
power and love
within you and

live a life fulfilled.


Work with me to shed

layers of limiting beliefs and self doubt, 

making room for your soul to rise,

to heal and empower you,

creating a life fulfilled.

When you connect to what is within you,

what is within you will heal you.

~ Kim

Let's work together to help you:

  • Connect with the love and power within you from your soul

  • Use your inner vision and council to become your own guardian

  • Live a life fulfilled

Wellness Coach

Are you a seeker who wishes to know and stand in your truth?

Are you experiencing a spiritual awakening and feeling
confused, frightened and filled with questions?

I am so glad you are here....

Intuitive Soul Coaching

Do you want to:

  • Stop endless therapy, healing sessions and other routes to overcome the struggles of life which are not giving you the results you desire for your anxiety, trauma and grief

  • Shed layers of limiting beliefs and self doubt to live within the love of your soul

  • Free yourself from worry and anxiety

  • Trust, value and believe in yourself, and be confident, finally discovering your self-love within

  • Deepen your understanding of the soul, your connection to it and grow spiritually, shedding old beliefs and making room for new

  • Stop feeling overwhelmed as an empath by all you are absorbing from everything around you and learn how to set boundaries

  • Live feeling fulfilled and balanced - connected to the mind, body and soul, all as one

  • Live in gratitude and abundance

  • Discover and step into your life purpose

  • Ignite and understand your intuition


If you answered 'yes' to any of these, you are in the right place!

It is time to begin your journey of true healing and become complete.


All work is remote via Zoom.

Your Journey

Have you come to a place in your healing journey where you want to expand your spiritual awareness and explore the depth of your soul? 


Are you asking important questions, such as: ‘What am I meant to learn from my trauma, grief, fear and worries?’ and 'What is my purpose in this life?’. 


The conscious mind takes experiences and creates false truths, telling you that you are not powerful, resilient or worthy. As a result, self confidence suffers, healing is difficult and you struggle trying to reach your true potential.

Are your ready to work to reach your full potential and feel fulfilled?

Kim will help you get there. Each time you let go of a layer of limiting beliefs, more of your soul will greet you. In exchange of this release is the rising of your soul.


Dear One,

I am so glad you are here! Has life has taken you on a journey of learning and questioning your beliefs about yourself and the world around you? Is it time for you to leave your limiting beliefs behind, understand your purpose and feel complete and fulfilled?

Using all of my skills as a Spiritual Medium, Reiki Master, Coach and licensed therapist (LICSW),  I help you ignite your soul to look at yourself and others without judgement, creating a new vision, through the eyes of love. 


The soul takes your struggles and washes them away as a windshield wiper, bringing forth a clear view of the interior you. With this new vision, you recognize your power, grow and heal. 


I am here to help you activate your soul, to be your witness and guide, supporting you as you step into your soul truth. Together we will anchor you to this divinity, power and love from within you. 

Are you ready to feel joy, hope and fulfillment? Your soul is. It wants you to believe in yourself - and so do I. It is time to step into fulfillment and allow your soul to rise to be one with you.

Your soul's love flows eternal. 


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