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Soul Inspirations

Helping women believe in themselves, their intuition & life purpose.

Do you ever have days where you feel like you do not know what you are supposed to be doing with your life?


Has everything been about your family and caring for others and now that you have a little time for yourself you are not sure what to do?

Ever wonder about your purpose?

Allow me to help you gain clarity and find your inner truth and purpose..

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Do you hold yourself back from what you really want, silence your voice and allow your fears to stop you?


Is it time for you to feel confident, valued and happy?

Do you want to deepen your intuition and

learn to trust it to guide your life?  

I am so glad you are here....let's change your story....

I am The Discover Your Soul Coach and Medium
who helps you believe in yourself, your intuition and discover your life purpose
so that you can feel confident, motivated & fulfilled.  

Wellness Coach


Like you, I had to overcome many obstacles, including panic and anxiety, self-limiting beliefs as well as fear of showing my true self.


It was through the discovery and understanding of my inner self, what I call the Soul, and learning how to harness its power that I was able to overcome these personal difficulties.

I noticed significant changes in myself...

I have more self compassion and can calm my mind. 


My confidence and self-belief strengthened.

In times of stress I am can overcome fear and remain hopeful.

I connected to my life purpose and understood how to fulfill it.


I trust and listen to my intuition.

This ignited my desire to help you shift in these significant ways too and changed how I work.

I created my unique coaching program directly from my own experience to help you overcome your obstacles too.

I believe in you. Your Soul believes in you too.

Are you ready to transform your story......

Discover Your Soul Coaching

Have you been struggling to answer the question, What is my purpose?


I will guide you on a journey to learn how to answer this burning question and many others, from deep within you, and shift you into your next season of life with clarity and aligned with your true self and purpose.


This journey is an opportunity to learn how to guide yourself today and in the future.

Morning Coffee

Mentoring For Intuitive Development

Do you try to use your intuition but have trouble trusting it?


Do you feel confused between your mind and intuition???


In intuitive mentorships, I will teach you techniques to strengthen, understand and trust your intuition. 

No more confusion and doubts....


Mediumship Mentoring

Are you a medium struggling with developing your confidence and trust in your readings? 


Do you find you keep taking classes on technique, practicing endlessly only to find the self doubt and anxiety creeping in before a reading?


Allow me to help you strengthen your readings by making important connections between your life experiences, self beliefs and your mediumship

Let's embark on a journey of enlightenment and discover your internal wisdom to create a life that reflects your purpose and true self from within.

3 ways to work with me:

Discover Your Soul Coaching

Intuitive Development Mentoring

Soul Sanctuary Membership


all services offered remotely

Learn More

 Discover Your Soul Coaching Program

Uncover the depths of who you truly are as Kim teaches you how to understand and use your Soul to calm your mind and guides you to overcome the effects of trauma and limiting beliefs.

Full and Mini Programs available. 

Soul Sanctuary
Forum Members

This is our sacred space for you to grow personally & spiritually. Enjoy 2 monthly education and healing events and a private members page. Connect with others who are on a spiritual path of healing.

Mentorship, Readings & Reiki

In readings, Kim connects with your energy to provide clarity and  guidance.

Reiki is energy healing. Reiki Certifications available.

Mentor with Kim for your Intuitive Development and receive individualized instruction and support.

Events & Courses

Enjoy a variety of events including intuitive and personal development, 

channeled affirmations, meditations, mediumship demonstrations, practice circles, and more!

Learn many topics including intuitive and personal development with our

pre-recorded video courses. View at your own pace.

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Join our Soul Sanctuary Membership Community

Become a member of our Soul Sanctuary Forum community to enjoy monthly educational and healing events designed to bring you closer to your Soul!


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