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  • Kim offers spiritual events & intuitive practice circles

  • For classes go to Courses Page

  • For monthly cafes and healing events go to Soul Sanctuary Page

  • Contact Kim to work with your local group in person

  • Remote via Zoom unless otherwise specified

  • So Soul Sanctuary
    RSVP Closed
    Wed, Feb 15
    Feb 15, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
    The word is spreading about how wonderful it is to be part of The Soul Sanctuary! This event is an opportunity for you to experience what our community offers you! Enjoy a Soulful discussion, meditation & Reiki Healing. Choose from 2 times to fit us into your busy day.
  • Drop-In Teaching Mediumship Circle
    Next: 3/22 7pm EST
    Are you a developing psychic medium looking for a safe, supportive and encouraging practice circle where you can receive teaching and ask questions? Do you want to strengthen your abilities? Join us up to 2 x monthly for our Drop-In Teaching Circles! Next: Wed 3/22 7pm EST
  • Receive Mediumship Readings From Developing Mediums
    2/22 7:30pm EST
    Do you feel the need to hear from your loved ones in Spirit? Are you curious about readings and are willing to work with a developing medium? Join us the 4th Wed 7:30pm monthly and support our mediums while you enjoy a reading!
  • Custom Poetic Channeled Affirmation or Prayer
    Per Order
    Kim will channel a custom poetic affirmation and/or prayer for your needs. You may choose the quantity you would like to receive. Allow 3 business days to receive via email.
  • Free Monthly Mediumship Demonstrations + Q&A
    Feb 2 2023, 12:30pm EST
    Do you want to hear from your loved ones in Spirit? Are you curious about mediumship? Join us for these free monthly events! This is a great way to experience a reading and learn about mediumship! Next in 2/2/2023
  • Mediumship Practice/No Teaching Circle
    1st Wed, Monthly 7pm EST
    1st Wed, Monthly 7pm EST
    Join Kim for the next mediumship practice circle! Each week Kim will encourage you to grow as a medium by creating a safe and supportive circle. This will be a kind and encouraging environment. Please note there is no teaching in this circle. All levels welcome. Next - 4/5/23
  • Private Group Card Reading!
    Contact Kim to Schedule
    In your home or space.
    Contact Kim to Schedule
    In your home or space.
    Gather a small group of friends or family in your space and Kim will give intuitive card readings and answer questions regarding your life. End with a live meditation where Kim will send Reiki to the group!
Pink Rose

Our souls are with us, every moment of every day, with each breath we take. We are supported by a love and intelligence so extraordinary and vast our human minds cannot comprehend. ‘A soul’s love flows eternal’, is a mantra I say to myself each day as a reminder of this magnificent support.

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