Integrative Intuitive Sessions

We work using a combination of my intuitive skills, energy healing, inspirational talks, channeled meditations, and poetry written specifically for you–from my soul to your soul.

Soul Coaching

1 on 1 healing work using intuitive skills, energy healing, education and  channeled meditations

Intuitive Readings

As an intuitive, Kim is able to connect with your energy to bring clarity and provide any guidance.

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Kim speaks on many topics related to spirituality and the soul.

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Kim’s meditations are channeled by her soul and guides. They are a variety of guided imagery, short inspirational talks & more.

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New Meditation Album


Enjoy 7 guided meditations where your will be lead to spend time with your magnificent soul.

Wellness Coach

“To me the soul is that part of the divinity within each one of you, what you call God, and I the Great Spirit…The soul is the life force, the dynamic, the vitality, the real essence, the divinity.”


- Silver Birch

Your Journey

Often, our struggles lead us to a place in our healing journey, where we want to expand our spiritual awareness and explore the depth of our souls. We begin to ask important questions, such as: ‘What am I meant to learn from my trauma, grief, fear and worries?’ and 'What is the soul and my purpose in this life?’.  I will help you heal and see yourself and the world in a more expanded and spiritual way, and guide you on your journey of spiritual awakening.


Working with Kim

The most powerful healing comes from our souls. From my combined experience as a Spiritual Medium, Reiki Master, and licensed therapist (LICSW), I incorporate intuitive work and education to help you discover and know your soul. We all have the capacity to use our intuition, connect to our souls and to the world of spirit. I will help you connect to your own intuition and intuitive abilities in a way that helps you feel supported and guided and to understand the wisdom held within you.


Channeled Poetic Affirmation and Prayers

Kim will provide you with an intuited channeled affirmation or prayer. 

This is a wonderful way to find focus and gratitude for your day.

Reading with Coffee

Connect with your Soul

Your journey starts here. If you would like to see how to connect with your soul and the growth that you can experience, sign up for a complimentary meditation.