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Stephanie Zumwalt, Intuitive Reading

I highly recommend a reading with Kim.  I have worked with mediums before and she is the real deal.  She immediately connected to my mother who passed away five months ago.  Kim was able to describe her physically to me and refer to some of her quirks she had in this life.  She mentioned significant things that no one would ever have knowledge of and unknowingly solved a couple of mysteries we had after my mom passed.  My reading with Kim was comforting to say the least.  I felt my mom in the moments we were talking and I was able to share this information with my father who is grieving deeply and it helped him so much to know that she is still very much alive, just in a different place.  You are a beautifully talented soul and I so appreciate the gift you have given me.  Thank you for living in purpose and serving in this way.  


Lydia, Soul Coaching

I had to share, I got a gratitude journal with prompts and today's question was: Who are you grateful for? I said you because you have been a bright light in my life. A teacher that has shined a light on my gifts and all I bring to the world. You make me feel seen and capable of anything! Then it prompted me for more of your wonderful qualities: I said, she is extremely positive, kind and a calming presence. She is an amazing teacher, mentor and healer. She offers a sense of peace, calm and healing to all people she encounters. She teaches me (and everyone else) how to get in touch with the truth of who they really are. I wanted to share this with you because I wanted you to know what a wonderful impact you have had on my life - no sense letting it sit in a journal for your to never hear. xo


Diana, Soul Coaching

My Soul Coaching experience with Kim has been the most amazing experience and healing I have ever had, and I have worked with many. Not only was it enlightening, uplifting and answered so many of most personal questions, it was truly empowering. Thank you for this powerful coaching experience Kim.

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S.C., Coaching

I have been seeing Kim and was finally able to experience true personal growth and positive change in my life with her guidance. Her ability to integrate spirituality into our discussions was so unique and effective for me personally. You get the best of both worlds with Kim - skills of a therapist combined with new age healing techniques.

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Colleen, Soul Hypnotherapy

For me, meeting with Kim would take place during the most spiritual time of my entire life, all 49 plus years of pain, culminating in these sessions of the most amazing “healing process.” It's as if, all the spiritual parts of my life, all aligned, and I am finally free of this pain. Really?! Kim is a very knowledgeable practitioner, and her approach, as well as her “couch-side manner,” is/was a comfort for this experience. She is very passionate about what she does, and it comes shining through in her approach. Her voice and her manner, immediately put me at ease! The outcome, well, that is indescribable to say the least! What I’ve gained is far too personal to reveal here. However, I strongly recommend this for anyone who has been carrying the weight of life experiences! I am no longer chained to the pain of my past, nor am I afraid of what the future may hold for me! I am finally in a total state of peace: mind, body, and soul! No regrets about my past, nor the pain which once accompanied those. memories! I am excited for my future!!

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Helene, Channeled Writing

I received in an intuitive poem while sitting with Kim. If I had not seen this with my own eyes, I may not have believed it was possible. I watched her sit quietly and write quickly and non stop! I was really struggling with my career path. Is this where I should be? I couldn't believe how the words written spoke directly to my heart. It was very emotional - in a good way! After receiving my intuitive poem, a calmness came to me that Is hard to describe but something has  freed me of my self doubt. My poem clarified the“ why” that I kept asking myself. The poem answered the questions I already knew deep inside but needed a nudge so I could find some peace and clarity.


Katie GW, Classes

Just want to let you know, you have changed my life for the better, I never would have made it through this year's market. Learning to sit in the power has calmed my soul, and what would normally had me completely stressed out, was actually very enjoyable. Slower years I have been so stressed. I never would have made it through this one without your classes.


Hope, Classes

Hi Kim and thank you so much! I would love to take a peak at what you have coming up and really enjoyed the classes I took. You are amazing. Much love.


Elfreide, Classes

I loved Kim's medium development course. I just thought I wanted to explore developing some clair's and I got so much more. It was so in depth and tailored to every individual. I was terrified as I had never even tried giving a reading to anyone but the course just added layers and layers and she was so supportive. Thank you for helping me to grow and take that leap of faith. I definitely look forward to more courses in the future.


Lydia, Intuitive Reading

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Kim. Kim’s ability to know exactly what you need to lead you your best self is amazing! She is by far one of the most intuitive people I know as well as gentle, compassionate and kind♥️. A true gem! Be sure to check out all of the amazing services offered.

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Anonymous, Soul Hypnotherapy

 This allows you to peel away layer after layer of resistance and easily access information hidden inside yourself to live your best, most wonderful, rich and fulfilling life. Prepare to amaze yourself at the gifts this can unlock for you that are within yourself - easily within reach. The answers are inside you but you need Kim to unlock them. It is empowering to think I had all that right inside me.