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Poetic Channeled Poems, Affirmations and Prayers

Kim will channel an intuited affirmation custom for your needs in poetic form.


What is a channeled affirmation or prayer?

Kim sits and connects to her guides and intuitively writes a poetic affirmation or prayer for your needs. She will send it to you by email in a custom graphic in. PDF form for you to print. Affirmations and prayers are a great way to begin and end your day, helping you focus on what is important to you, feel uplifted and grateful. You may choose the quantity at check out.   

Reading with Coffee

$11.11 | Per affirmation or prayer

  • Will be provided within 3 business days

  • Emailed to you in a custom graphic PDF & PNG



A Rose is love

Just like the dove

Each bloom heaven sent

To ease your heart

When tired and spent


It reminds us we are ever lasting

With a soul

Quite brilliant and blasting


A radiant light

For the world to see

Healing pain

For whatever the need

A Poem by Kim
the rose symbolizes the soul

Creating joy

Powerful with glory

Telling us

Our personal story


For within each soul

Is a wisdom

A philosophy

Meant to guide us

And share with others

When we see their need


But so many of us waste

What is held within

Never reaching for it

Never taking a taste

Or learning

What we once knew

And each of us

Has a pen meant to write

And illuminate

And give this wisdom sight


So let’s take some time

To get to know our true essence

And feel the love

And the divine presence

Of our own perfect rose

And see our own glory

And how we do glow


What is the story

Of your radiant rose?….

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