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Mentoring With Kim

Are you experiencing a spiritual awakening and wanting to reach a deeper understanding of this process?

Are you curious about your intuition, want to learn how to trust and use it more effectively?

Are you a developing intuitive or psychic medium looking to better understand this ability and strengthen you skills?

Mentorship provides the opportunity to explore these in a private, safe and supportive environment with the expertise of a professional who has also  experienced a spiritual awakening and developed psychic mediumship for many years..

As Your Soul Ignites

Are you noticing that aspects of you are affecting your mediumship readings and would like support in healing these parts of yourself?


Would you like to learn more about the World of  Spirit, your Soul and foster a deeper relationship with your Guides?

Allow Kim to guide you with education and support as you discover and explore your intuition, intuitive abilities, expand your spiritual beliefs and progress in your personal development.


Kim will use her skills as a therapist, coach and spiritual medium to help you make connections between who you are as a person and how this is affecting your intuitive abilities and readings. You will learn important self care practices to support you in your awakening and help gain clarity, igniting excitement, hope and fulfillment.


How to Begin


Book your first session where Kim will help you define areas to explore and your goals.


In your continued sessions Kim will support and guide you in deep exploration of yourself and provide education about the intuitive part of you. This will be customized to your individual needs. 

$175 per individual session | Or Packages:

$597 per 4 session package  | $1088 per 8 session package |

or Payment Plan: 8 sessions, $325 per month over 4 months

*Attend Office Hours for free during your mentorship

Book a free consultation or your first session.


How long does this take?

You will do this work at a pace that is comfortable for you. The spacing out of sessions allows for maximum growth, integration of education, healing and transformation. If paying per session, the spacing of sessions also alleviates financial difficulty. 

Can I just book one or two sessions? Are these sessions beneficial to developed intuitive and psychic mediums?

Yes and yes! You may work with Kim in as many or few sessions needed. Kim works with many developed mediums, helping them with issues that arise in their personal development, spiritual beliefs or mediumship as they grow.


What are my payment options?

You can pay each time you book a session. This is your most expensive option.. You may choose to purchase either a 4 or 8 session package at a discounted rate or purchase a payment plan option.   You may choose how you would like to proceed after the first session. The cost of your first session will be subtracted from the payment option you choose if purchasing a package or payment plan. Please see above "How to Begin" section for prices. 

All sessions are remote.


Be a part of our sacred community. Feel connected to others, learn and grow.

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