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Custom Poetic Channeled Affirmation or Prayer

Kim will channel a custom poetic affirmation and/or prayer for your needs. You may choose the quantity you would like to receive. Allow 3 business days to receive via email.

Custom Poetic Channeled Affirmation or Prayer
Custom Poetic Channeled Affirmation or Prayer

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Upon purchasing, you will state whether you wish to receive a prayer, affirmation or if purchasing more than one, you may select both. You will have the option to ask for a specific topic for your affirmation and/or prayer during registration at checkout. Examples of topics include self worth, self confidence, motivation, spiritual awakening, mood, gratitude, letting-go, release, forgiveness, trust, etc

Your affirmaitons will be emailed to you in a custom graphic PDF within 3 business days.


$11.11 per affirmation and/or prayer

Select quantity at checkout. 

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  • Channeled Affirmation/Prayer




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