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Drop-In Teaching Mediumship Circle

Are you a developing psychic medium looking for a safe, supportive and encouraging practice circle where you can receive teaching and ask questions? Do you want to strengthen your abilities? Join us up to 2 x monthly for our Drop-In Teaching Circles! Next: Wed 6/14 12pm EST, 6/28 7pm EST

Drop-In Teaching Mediumship Circle
Drop-In Teaching Mediumship Circle

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Next: 6/14 12pm EST & 6/28 7pm EST



Is it hard for you to find a place to practice that feels supportive and ethical? Do you want to receive teachings and have opportunites to practice with non-medium sitters? If so, these drop-in teaching circles are for you! Every other circle will have sitters for you.

Teachings aimed to help you strengthen your mediumship by learning how you are affecting your readings. Circles on the 2nd Wednesday each month are only developing mediums and on the 4th Wednesdays may have non medium sitters. Each circle will begin with Q&A and teaching of a specific skill and then you will move into breakout rooms for 1:1 readings. On weeks when there are sitters, the mediums will spend the first portion of time just with Kim to allow for Q&A and teaching. Sitters will be admitted 7:30pm EST. There will be a Q&A from 8:15-8:30 for both mediums and sitters. This allows for you to receive feedback from your sitters and to answer questions that arise during the practice sessions.

Everyone will receive specific instructions and guidelines to ensure readings are conducted ethically and the sitters understand what to expect during a reading. Practice will be in breakout rooms with either 1 or more sitters. You may be the only medium in the breakout room or with another developing medium. This will depend upon the ratio of mediums and sitters that week.

Come as often as you like! Circles will have multi-level psychic mediumship ablity. Please note, these circles are not in replacement of beginner training. Circles are offered twice monthly. Discounted package rates available.

Psychic Mediums Pre-requisite: You must have had beginner development classes and be able to make a link with Spirit.  If you have not had classes or still feel you need foundational information, please register for Kim's Fundamentals of Psychic Mediumship Parts 1&2.  Click to Learn More Here. These circles are free with this course!!

Kim leads the circles with compassion, encouragement and ethics. 


2nd and 4th Wednesdays Monthly

2nd Wed: Only Mediums

4th Wed: Mediums & Non Medium Sitters


2nd Wed: 12 -1:00pm EST 

4th Wed: 7- 8:30pm EST


$11.11 per circle

$47.00 for 5 circles

Next Circle options:

6/14 12pm EST

6/28 7pm EST

All on Zoom.

*No refunds.

LOOKING AHEAD: Office Hours starting this July!!

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  • Drop-In Practice Circle

    From $11.11 to $47.00
    • $11.11
    • $47.00



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