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Mediumship Practice Circle

Join Kim for the next mediumship practice circle! Kim will encourage you to grow as a medium by creating a safe and supportive circle. This will be a kind and encouraging environment. Please note there is no teaching in this circle. All levels welcome. Next - 11/1/23

Mediumship Practice Circle
Mediumship Practice Circle

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11/1, 7pm EST



Are you looking to enhance your skills as a psychic medium? Join Kim for this practice circle where Kim will create a safe and supportive environment to practice. Depending upon numbers of people, circle is held gallery style or in breakout rooms for 1:1 or smaller practices. 

You may join to practice readings or to sit in the power with the group. All levels of mediumship welcome. This will be a kind, supportive and encouraging circle. 

Please note this is not a teaching circle. If you want teaching, please register for our Teaching Practice Circles on the Events page.






Via Zoom

We all come from different beliefs and teachings about the world of Spirit and how to conduct a reading. During our time together, we respect one another's differences and follow these guidelines:

  • We practice evidential mediumship, focusing only on evidence and not message. The message will be revealed through the evidence at the end of the reading.
  • We are not working psychically or doing any 'rescue' type work, removing attachments, etc.
  • Spirit is all love and light. There is no need for protection from Spirit, as Spirit no longer has an ego mind as we do here as humans. If you feel the need to invoke protection, please do so prior to joining us.
  • Evidence is given with compassion and kindness. If not, I may stop the reading.
  • While reading, try to refrain from asking your sitter questions. Allow Spirit to give you the information.
  • Try not to pre-link while waiting for your turn. This makes it much more difficult for you as it calls in your ego mind. No reading from information you may have written while waiting for your turn. Take a moment, get in your power and link with the world of Spirit and start with who you become aware of. There is never any pressure when it is your turn to begin immediately.
  • We are all learning, and Spirit knows this. Do not feel your reading has to be its best, as it is during your practicing that Spirit may be helping you strengthen your skills.
  • As a sitter, only answer with a 'yes', 'no', 'I don't know' or 'maybe'. Please refrain from any other information feeding the medium. This only makes it more difficult for the medium to strengthen their skills to obtain deeper evidence. Also, at the end of the reading, refrain from detailed feedback as your loved one may come to another medium in the circle.
  • There is no judgment of one another's readings. This is a multi-level group and we all are continueing to grow as mediums and learn from one another.
  • There is no pressure to do a reading. You may join us to sit in the power.

*You may attend as many weeks as you choose, but of course, we hope to see you at all circles!

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