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Spirit Messages Revealed Inspired Talks and Q&A - FREE

Join Kim to hear Spirit messages from excerpts of her inspired writing, along with an inspirational talk about the content and philosophical discussion aimed to help you grow spiritually! Q & A! Appropriate for any level from the novice to healers and intuitive themselves.

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Spirit Messages Revealed Inspired Talks and Q&A - FREE
Spirit Messages Revealed Inspired Talks and Q&A - FREE

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Sep 13, 2022, 12:00 PM – 12:45 PM EDT



Have you ever wanted to commune with Spirit? Ever wondered what the information which comes through looks like? If so, please read on for this amazing FREE event.

Messages Revealed is a chance to experience connection with Spirit via Kim’s channeled writings from over the years. During her spiritual awakening Kim began journaling inspired messages from both her guides and her soul. These records are a sneak peek into the magical connection between our human selves and our higher power, filled to the brim with guidance, wisdom, and inspiration.

Messages Revealed is offered to our community as a chance to enrich your life and discover and connect with your higher self.  These writings, in both written word and poetry form, are now available to this sacred community as an opportunity to experience the same heart centered and empowering messages Kim has benefitted from for so long.

Channeled writing is the art of using mediumship abilities to connect with Spirit to receive information. You’ll see Kim’s process of speed writing as the knowledge flows from Spirit to you in real time.

Every other week, Kim will lead a philosophical discussion and Q&A. She will choose an excerpt, as seen in the example below, followed by an inspired talk about the material and ending with a Q & A. These talks will bring clarity and deepen your understanding of the information shared; ultimately laying the groundwork to integrate this sacred knowledge into your life.

Leave feeling charged & empowered; ready to connect with your soul and into the process of your own personal journey & awakening. This series of events is appropriate for any level from the novice to healers and intuitive themselves.





12pm - 12:45pm EST

Jan. 11, 25

Feb. 8, 22

Mar. 8, 22

April 5, 19

May 3, 17, 31

June 14, 28

July & Aug. Summer Break

Sept. 13, 27

Oct. 11, 25

Nov. 8, 22

Dec. 6, 20

*make up dates will be announced for any cancellations

This event’s purpose is to fill your soul, enrich your life, and expand your understanding of spiritual connection. Join in on bi-weekly sessions as you much as you’d like or to as many as you feel called to attend.

Sample Spirit Message Excerpt:

...The heart is the conduit between the soul mind and the ego mind. It must be activated to reach into the depths of the soul. The ego mind needs the heart to help it know the soul exists and is meant to be the leader. Think of the heart as an electric wire upon a telephone pole carrying electricity from one place to another. If that wire is cut, the electricity cannot reach its destination. If the heart is not ignited, the ego mind remains in charge. There is then an imbalance. Harmony in human form exists when there is a balance in power between the soul mind and the human mind. Think of harmony as stability. This is when we feel good. We have a sense of peace. We are not troubled by our thoughts....

...Elation is when the heart has ignited and expanded into the soul with such force it creates joy in the ego mind, encouraging it to come along. In these moments the soul mind is in complete command. These are the moments the mind, body and soul are all ONE....

...Each human holds a key

they are given prior to birth

and it is with choice they decide whether or not to use it

and some do forget it's worth

for this is the key to the lock

found within the heart

connecting the human body to the soul...

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