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Soul Hypnotherapy

Do you want to:

  • Heal from the effects of trauma, anxiety, stress and other areas of your life?

  • Enter a deep state of relaxation to connect with your higher self?

  • Hear what you soul wants to tell you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Soul Hypnotherapy is for you! Kim uses hypnotherapy to connect you with your higher self to explore many aspects of your life and receive healing.

Initial Heart Necklace

Do you want to hear what your higher self wants to say to you?

Kim uses hypnotherapy to connect you with your higher self to explore many aspects of your life. From your higher self you will receive insight, guidance and healing for the areas you choose. Healing addressed can be physical, emotional and/or psychological. This is a series of 4 sessions: 3 preparation sessions and the 4th session you blend with your higher self.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is simply a state of relaxation where you bring your focus within yourself.

What can I work on in these sessions?

  • Trauma, grief, anxiety, panic

  • Confidence and self-worth 

  • Sleep and physical issues

  • Other individual needs

  • Option to request information about past lives and how they are affecting you in this life, along with any healing necessary

What will I be doing in these sessions?

  • This is a series of 4 sessions

  • Kim uses guided imagery and meditation to bring you to a very relaxed state where you will enter the Alpha state in your brain. This is a light state of relaxation you enter many times naturally throughout the day when you are very focused. You will experience this with Kim during your 3 preparation sessions and receive Suggestive Hypnotherapy

  • Suggestive Hypnotherapy is making suggestions to the subconscious mind to improve or resolve the struggles you have identified

  • In your Soul Hypnotherapy session, Kim will guide you to a deeper state of relaxation, the Theta state. This is a natural state you enter just as you fall asleep and just as you awaken each day. You will be speaking to Kim during this session, answering questions and feel safe and connected to her

  • Kim will help you blend with your higher self to answer the questions you have prepared and to request any healing needs. Your higher self does the healing

  • When blended with your higher self, you will speak in the third person. This is confirmation your higher self is present

  • Kim will work with you around any questions or fears you may have about hypnosis. You are always in control and can not get “stuck” in a state of hypnosis. This is a very safe therapeutic treatment.

Is this a past life regression?

  • If you are interested in learning about a past life you will be told about it from your higher rather than ‘experiencing’ the past life

  • This is less taxing on you as you do not experience any of the emotions or memories. 

  • You will gain a better understanding of the connections between your lives

  • It is not necessary to enquire about past lives in these sessions. This is decided by you with Kim’s guidance.

We will work together to address any questions or fears you have about hypnosis.

You will:

  • Work through your struggles in a state of relaxation

  • Focus on emotional, physical and/or psychological healing

  • Have the opportunity to ask your higher self important questions such as, 'Why do I struggle with anxiety?', "What am I meant to learn in this relationship?" and 'What is my purpose in this life?'

  • Ask for and receive healing from your higher self

  • Have a deeper understanding of your life experiences and purpose in this life


Do you want to address your healing needs and receive wisdom from your higher self?

During these sessions, your higher self will nourish you, share the wisdom created just for you, and 

give you healing from your powerful soul.

Your soul is the most powerful healer of all.

Book your free consultation! All work is via Zoom.

Soul Hypnotherapy Series

4 Session Series


First 3 Sessions: Preparation

  • Preparation to blend with your higher self 

  • Receive Suggestive Hypnotherapy recorded to use to begin your healing and to prepare for your Soul Hypnosis session

  • Intuitive discussions and education

  • Review your history in chronological order 

  • Identify patterns of experiences, reactions, behavior

  • Identify areas you would like to focus on

  • Create goals for the hypnosis session

  • Set healing requests for hypnosis session - physical, emotional, psychological

  • Prepare up to 10 questions for your higher self

  • Each of these sessions are 1 hour in length


4th Session: Soul Hypnotherapy

  • You will enter a deep state of relaxation using guided imagery

  • Kim will guide you to blend with your higher self

  • Questions prepared are asked and discussed with. your higher self healing is requested  and received

  • As your higher self provides information, Kim will engage in discussion and ask further questions based upon this information and request healing

  • Time to process and discuss information after you awaken

  • Video recording provided for you to keep

  • Length of time - 2 hours

Book a free consultation to learn if this is right for you.

| 4 Sessions paid in full: $800|


|$175 for each of the first 3 Sessions|

|$350 for the Soul Hypnotherapy Session|

|Total = $875|


What is the Soul? 

The soul is the spiritual and eternal aspect of ourselves. It contains our purpose, life plan and history. The soul is made of love and supports and guides us through our lives. It is part of the God Source and connected to the universal consciousness.

What is the higher self?

The higher self is connected to both your soul and physical body. It contains the highest form of knowledge and consciousness of you. It is found in the subconscious and can be accessed through hypnotherapy.

Is the hypnosis session recorded?

Yes, the hypnosis session is video recorded and given to you to keep.


Can I engage in normal activities after my hypnosis session?

Yes, you will be fully awake and feeling refreshed to continue with your day.


What if I can’t be hypnotized?

Everyone is able to enter a state of hypnosis. This is a state of focused relaxation, which occurs many times naturally throughout your day. During each of your 3 preparation sessions, you will be receiving Suggestive Hypnotherapy. Kim will provide you with your recordings to use to prepare for your Soul Hypnotherapy session. By the 4th session, you will be feeling very comfortable and safe with Kim. During the 4th session, you will enter a deeper state of hypnosis, to blend with your higher self.  When blended, you will start speaking in the third person. This is how both you and Kim will know your higher self is present. Although it is rarely an issue, if you do not blend with your higher self, Kim will give you Suggestive Hypnotherapy and refund you 50% of the 4th session cost.


Hypnosis Facts:

  • Hypnosis is a natural state of the mind and is safe. Examples of natural states of hypnosis include watching tv and losing awareness of other things going on around you, driving and not aware of how you reached a destination because you were deep in thought

  • You cannot get stuck in hypnosis and the only risk is you may fall asleep

  • Hypnosis is focused consciousness

  • Hypnosis was accepted by the American Medical Association in 1958

Can I use insurance?

No. Insurance does not cover the nature of this work.

All work is remote via Zoom.


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