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"Every clogged drainpipe has crystal clear water waiting to emerge." ~ Kim

During a meditation, I had this thought, “What if there is no sickness?”. I saw a clogged drain pipe with crystal clean water waiting to flow, and I understood the thought. Wellness is about pulling out the clean water. The clean water is where each of us is completely balanced, happy and well.

I believe wellness resides within each us. But what does that actually mean? Am I disregarding mental health issues, diagnosis, and symptoms? I have worked in an acute psychiatric hospital, and I can’t argue the reality of mental illness. I know it exists. However, even in the depths of severe mental illness, people get better, and the healthy self can emerge.

This still does not explain the thought that there is “no sickness”. When I saw a clogged drainpipe, I understood this statement. The clog is all of our difficult human experiences which lead to behaviors, emotions, stress, anxiety, depression, and other symptoms. It is the functioning of our brains and chemicals. The clean water is our Souls. Our Souls are perfection. They are compassion, kindness, love, wisdom, and guidance. They are our true selves.

When we remove our humanism, there is only beauty, balance and perfection. Each of us will remove our human cloak in spirit form. But perhaps it is possible to pull our Souls forward during our lives. Perhaps effective therapy is the pulling of our Souls to the forefront. Unclogging the drain. It is our Souls that can heal us to the greatest capacity. Even though there are many clinical and holistic techniques to ease our pains and mental struggles, perhaps the most effective cure is the emergence of our Souls.

Is this possible? I believe it is. I believe we all experience this throughout our lives, even if for only brief moments. We need to know how to recognize when our Souls are in the forefront.

Have your ever felt worthy? Have you ever felt positive? Have you ever felt confident all will be ok? Have you ever felt deep compassion for others? Have you ever felt supported even when you are alone? Have you ever felt love—for yourself, or others; have you accepted love? Have you ever trusted? Have you ever felt any of these, even for a brief moment? These are all examples of our Souls emerging to the forefront. If this can happen spontaneously, imagine what could occur if we worked at it? Think of it as exercising a muscle. At first it is difficult and exhausting. You may not even know the right technique. But with practice, it becomes easier, and you begin to feel the results. With continued practice it becomes part of your memory, and you can do it without thinking. (See tip/exercise below.)

Let’s unclog our drains and let the clean water flow. Our Souls want us to know our perfection, inner beauty, and capacity to experience love. They want us to feel well, balanced, and joyful.


Sit quietly and close your eyes. Take a moment to search around your body looking for the part of you that loves yourself. When you find it, notice how it feels and looks. Ask if it has a message for you. Once you know how your self-love part looks and feels, you can contact it any time you need it. Your self-love part is directly connected to your Soul.

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