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I Am Grace

There is grace

in every moment

here on earth

and all over the place

for there is no country

continent or plane

that does not see the sun

each day, again and again

and there is no destination without the kiss of love's creation

for everywhere there does exist

a life force

an energy

pulsing within and without

a continuous thread

woven in all that is life

every plant, animal, bee and flower

and this thread

can weave through the most frightening strife

for even in our cares and worries

there is a magic, a power, a glory

that does support and protect

and will carry us through

as our own private jet

for underneath our arms

there is a support

to protect us from any harm

and when we do forget

that we are supported

protected and loved

all we need to do

is look at nature

for within nature exists the tool

to pull us out of our struggles

and all that brings us down

for as we feel these things

the suns rays

still reach the ground

the trees remain firmly rooted

the plants do grow

the animals do survive

this we know

the flowers blossom

the bees do create

a honey so sweet

the grass does blow

with the kiss of the wind

and the plants do grow

and provide us with nourishment to eat

with every care

the ocean does reach the shore

retreating back

to only bring more

washing away our fears and sadness

bringing us back into balance and gladness

so look around

at all the beauty

growing from the earth's ground

and breathe in

the gentle breeze

sent to us

putting our cares at ease

and soak up

the golden rays

of the sun

shining upon us

no matter where we are

each minute of each day

our brilliant leader

our shining star

a forceful reminder

we are created from love

as beautiful

as the bird, the dove

and feel the sun

upon our faces

with a kiss

of love and pure grace.

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