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My Discovery: How To Stop Worry In Its Tracks

When you look at your relationship to anxiety and worry, what do you see? What is this attached to? Do you worry excessively? I always did. In fact, I equated worry with love. If I loved someone, I worried about them. If I loved something or a situation, I worried about it. If I didn't worry, I believed there was no love. This belief, that to love meant to worry, increased my anxiety and created an abundance of anxiety! Of course, this was not healthy. In fact, at times, it would overtake me. I decided to heal this from 2 directions– I changed my definition of love and worked on gratitude and surrender.

My first step was to remember that all of us have a team of powerful support from the world of Spirit. I began to call upon this team anytime I felt concern for someone or something. I learned how to hand over my worry to them and to trust they were working hard to help. I was only able to do this when my own belief about God expanded. I had stopped looking outside of myself and others to find God and was looking within. This shift had powerful results. It was calming. It was reassuring. It ignited trust and faith. It ignited hope.

This changed my definition of love. My definition expanded from merely an emotion to being a power. This power holds within it the God source. Love could no longer be attached to worry because I had discovered that the most unconditional and powerful love resides within my Soul. There is no worry there.

Where do you look for support? Do you look within yourself to find your powerful Soul, or do you look outside? By looking within, I felt more in control. I handed the responsibility of whatever I might worry about over to a more powerful force. It is contradictory to feel more in control by releasing my need to control, but it truly helped! My worry would subside.

Over time, I have learned to do this more and more quickly. As soon as the worried thought or feeling creeps in, I go within. I take one deep sacred breath and shift my focus to my heart and Soul. I offer gratitude for whatever comes to mind, even for the struggles!

Within you is the most powerful and loving support you can ever find. There is a constant feeling that all is well. Let's find this part of you together. I would love to help.

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