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Tips for Manifesting

Energetically this month is all about your dreams manifesting into reality, healing, spiritual growth and compassion. It is a great time energetically for you to focus on your personal growth and what you are needing.

Set clear intentions for what you want and use this energy to manifest it! This is an opportunity to create what you want for yourself.

For humanity overall, energetically this is a time to create unity, compassion and understanding.

You can use this positive energy flow to create a life fulfilled!

What is manifestation?

Manifestation is the intended act of connecting to your highest self, with your thoughts and feelings in present form, sent to the universal consciousness to make your desires a reality. This is a spiritual practice attached to the belief that if you want or think it, it already exists and the universe wants to support you. Your thoughts have power and are connected to the universal consciousness. It is with this connection that the desire behind the thought returns back to you.

There exists a world

Within your mind

A world you know

Very little about

And you will find

If with intention

Feeling and grace

You state your wishes

Clear and true

The universe will

Bounce them back to you

How do you get started?

With manifestation, it is helpful to explore your beliefs about the power within you, consciousness and the power of God. Even though manifesting is not a religious practice, understanding your beliefs about creation will help you formulate what you want to manifest. Manifesting successfully requires a belief it is possible. Working though any blocks in this will help you.

What are the steps to manifesting?

  1. State clearly what you want. The more clarity, the more likely it will return to you as you wish it.

  2. Let it go. Allow yourself to trust that the universe has received it and has begun the work necessary to make this happen.

  3. Look within. Become aware of what you need to do to prepare to receive it.

  4. Visualize. Spend time imagining what it will be like for you to have it.

Statement tips to manifesting:

  1. Speak or write in the present tense, as if it is already true.

  2. Begin using the words, “I AM”. This connects you to the God source and power within.

  3. Be clear and what you will do with it. How will you use it? How will it change you?

  4. State how it will also help others, not only yourself. Manifestations are more powerful when they help many.

  5. Write it down.

  6. Devote time to visualizing your manifestation.

Is it helpful to manifest with and for others?

In my work leading group manifests, I have found that individual group members experienced the same visions and thoughts! In fact, there have been many studies showing the power of manifesting as a group. They have shown that there is power in numbers. Individuals do not even need to be in the same physical place. Manifesting uses the power of thoughts and the God source within. This does not require people to be together. To read about some interesting studies, try The Power of Eight, by Lynne McTaggart.

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