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You Are Your Own Sovereign

I spent my most of my life looking all around the outside of me to understand who I am. It turns out, the direction I was looking was only showing me my ego truth, and I needed to turn myself around. I was driving in the wrong direction on a highway; it was dangerous, misleading, and caused fear and anxiety. I was constantly feeling defeated, let down, and not good enough or worthy. The problem was that I thought my truth was based on what others' reactions were to me and how they defined me. Do you do this?

In recent years, I turned myself around and started looking within. I still get caught up in the reactions outside of me, but now I know how to quickly shift my focus back within myself. What if I told you that within you is where all the magic lies? Within you is your power and your own medicine cabinet to heal each part of you. Within is where you will find peace, love, and compassion. You will find encouragement, forgiveness, and explanations.

I used to walk into my church and feel all of the answers were somewhere inside of it, but I never found them. I would try my best to give it all up to God. God was far away in some mystical place and I would just hope that he heard me. I had to trust, which was truly difficult to do! I was looking out and up instead of within and centered. The church I went to was made of brick, built by others and not by me. It offered comfort, but no real healing. I needed to find a church built by me. I needed to look within.

Inside of you is your own temple, the place where you are truly heard and where all is always well. You are walking around with a sanctuary inside yourself, created perfectly for you. It is there no matter where you are or what you are doing. You can return there with just one sacred breath. There is no need to run into a building, to hope you will be heard, or to ask if you are worthy. You are always heard and worthy.

Now, when I am anxious, I look within. When I feel unheard, I look within. When I feel disvalued, I look within. When I am insulted, I look within. When I am scared, I look within. It is not that my inner temple has cured me of these feelings, it is that it takes care of them and heals them. I will always react to others and the world around me. But now, I know there is a place that washes it all away. My inner temple has a waterfall, and I step under it with just one sacred breath. Just like that, my balance is restored. I am reminded that all is well, not just for me but also for everyone because not only do I have an inner sovereign, each one of us has this, too. You have your own inner sovereign. You are the sovereign of your life.

Peace is not on the beach, in a spa, in a church or temple, on a mountain top, or beside a stream. Peace is within. These special places just help us go within. They remove us from the wrong side of the highway and place us on a peaceful country road where our Soul is the driver and determines our destination. Your Soul is your inner sovereign. You have a love power that wants you to know it is your truth, your beauty and divinity.

Once you find this part of you, it will help you see others as divine, too. It will help you to stop judging and criticizing yourself and others. It will help you feel relief. It will ignite joy even in the midst of a storm. In today’s world, there are constant distressors which ignite anger, hurt, and despair. Using your inner sovereign, your Soul, to navigate through these is powerful and will give you hope and peace. It will restore your balance. I would love to help you find it.

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