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Discover Your Soul Coaching Program

Awaken Your True Self &

Transform Your Life!

  • Release limiting beliefs and self doubt

  • Stop repetitive negative patterns and behaviors

  • Discover your purpose

  • Live authentically, aligned with your Soul and true self

Kim will help you reach a deeper understanding of yourself, become confident and make important changes to create a life with meaning and purpose. 


Full & mini program options



Do you wish to develop greater confidence and self love?

As we work together, the root cause preventing your belief in yourself will be revealed and you will learn how to use your Soul to heal this to uncover a new and more confident version of you. 

Are you curious about your Soul and want to experience it?

There are many ways to connect with your Soul. You will learn how to do this with a variety of ways including education, meditation, writing, energy healing, numerology and more!

Are you interested in uncovering your Soul purpose? 

As you learn to blend with your Soul, your true self will greet you and your purpose will be unveiled.

You will live authentically and aligned with your Soul.

As we work together you will:

  • Better understand yourself

  • Stop endless work which has not giving you the results you desire for your anxiety, trauma and grief

  • Let go of hurtful self-talk

  • Free yourself from worry

  • Trust, value and believe in yourself, and discover your self-love within

  • Connect to joy

  • Stop feeling overwhelmed as an empath

  • Learn how to set boundaries

  • Live in gratitude

  • Discover your life purpose and create a life with meaning

  • Allow the love from deep within you to be your driving force in every expression of you



Do you want to re-write your story and live with meaning and purpose?

Kim works intuitively to receive information about your life experiences, how they have affected you emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually, and the healing you need to overcome your struggles. She incorporates all aspects of her professional training in this program. She will teach you about the Soul and how to connect with it to empower you and reveal your true, magnificent self.

All work is via Zoom.

The Discover Your Soul Coaching Program Options


Full Program:

  • 10 sessions

  • intuitive readings to define healing needs and goals

  • education and spiritual exploration about the Soul & ego mind

  • teachings on how to blend with your Soul

  • healing to transform how you define yourself

  • energy healing

  • Soul meditation created for you

  • custom channeled gratitude affirmation or prayer

  • numerology reading

  • Self definition exploration

  • workbook which coordinates with each session



$1997 Paid in full


Payment Plan option:

4 payments of $555 to be completed by your 7th session 

Mini Program:

  • 3 Sessions

  • teachings and exploration about the Soul & ego mind

  • teachings how to blend with your Soul for healing

  • recorded Soul meditation created for you

  • re-create your self definition from your Soul's perspective

  • option to continue with full program at completion



$597 paid in full


Payment Plan option:

3 payments, $225 each paid by 2nd session

Book a free discovery call to learn if this is right for you.

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How long does this take?

You will do this work at a pace that is comfortable for you. Average length of time to complete the 10 sessions is 3-6 months. The spacing out of sessions allows for maximum growth, integration of education, healing and transformation. 


Will I be able to connect with my Soul?

Yes! Kim will teach you simple techniques to learn how to access this powerful part of you for guidance and healing. It is a natural ability within to blend with your Soul. You will leave the program knowing exactly how to do this any time you need to.


What are my payment options?

You may choose to pay in full at a discounted rate or a payment plan options.

Can I use insurance?

No. Insurance does not cover the nature of this work.

All work is remote via Zoom.


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