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Reiki Healing


Reiki is an energy healing technique used to promote physical, mental, and emotional healing. Reiki can effectively decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression. It can improve physical health and balance the chakras. Reiki both compliments and enhances psychotherapy. During a session, Kim rests her hands gently on or above the client to bring this healing energy into the client. Reiki is a relaxing and spiritual experience where both client and Kim can connect to intuitive wisdom. Distance Reiki Healing is available. This is ideal for those who are incapacitated or otherwise unable to visit our office. Reiki with crystals and essential oils can be used to target clients’ chakras and goals for healing.

~ Distance Reiki Healing available online.


Reiki Certification and Mentorships with Kim

"Most Reiki certifications are one day classes, where you are taught about the history of Reiki and receive attunement. This is how I was trained, as I tried to develop my Reiki practice, I realized my training fell short of what I truly needed.

I had no place to practice my Reiki, which is necessary to strengthen the connection to Reiki. It was difficult to recall all of the information learned in a day's time, and I found as I was giving Reiki, I had many questions arise and no one to discuss them with. I could feel my intuition strengthening, and I did not understand how to discern between this information and my conscious mind. I also did not know how to utilize this in my Reiki sessions. As I gave Reiki, many things were happening during the sessions. I was receiving information for the client. All my "clairs" were opening up. I did not know what to make of the information and experiences.  What was occurring was the beginning of my intuitive and mediumship development. I had no way of knowing this without working with a mentor. Reiki had opened a window to a whole new part of me.

It can be like this for others, particularly the connection to intuition. Many practitioners develop the ability to know where their clients need the Reiki, and they begin to experience an understanding of what this means for their clients. Reiki is a spiritual practice, and it began to challenge my spiritual beliefs. Fortunately, I was able to connect with someone who answered my numerous questions and helped me develop my intuition and learn how to use it with Reiki

This is why I train with mentorships. Mentorships allow my students to connect to the Reiki energy in a significant way and to develop their practice as individuals. It allows for questions to be addressed that inherently arise as one begins to use Reiki. My students can explore their own creativity and spiritual beliefs and develop into the Reiki practitioners they are meant to be. It is a great privilege to support my students and watch them evolve and grow in their practice." ~ Kim


Reiki is a spiritual practice which requires time and guidance to develop. Working in isolation limits your ability to understand this energy on a deeper level.  Mentoring with Kim will expand your knowledge and connection to your intuition to deepen your ability to serve your clients. A mentorship gives you the opportunity to:


  • Practice giving Reiki and also receive Reiki each class

  • Learn about  energy guides and begin to connect with them

  • Develop a familiarity with the energy and understand how you are working with it 

  • Increase your knowledge of Reiki and the chakras

  • Develop you intuition and intuitive abilities to help your clients with their healing

Contact Kim for more info.

Group Reiki Events 

Gather a group of (maximum 6) friends/family and enjoy 2 hours at ACS where each person will receive a private Reiki Session. Relax with friends while sipping our organic teas & enjoy a live meditation at the end of the evening where Kim will also send Reiki to the group.

Total Cost: $300 

"Kim's Reiki methods rescued me during the most trying and sorrowful time of my life. She put my body and mind at ease, gave me joy and helped me to heal. Her Reiki messages were powerful and energized me to face the world."


Reiki with Kim

"This is an amazing opportunity to study with such an incredible soul where you can strengthen your Reiki, which if nothing else is invaluable to your self and family. I really had no expectations, so I was blown out of the water. The meditations to meet our spirit guides was a great bonus. I also think that having so many opportunities to practice was amazing." 


Reiki II Certification & Mentorship

"If you're considering Reiki I training, this is the one to take. Rather than a "one and done" seminar, Kim takes the time over several sessions to give participants a chance to learn and synthesize the material. This approach really allows for deep learning and the opportunity to share experiences and ask questions that you would never otherwise get from a one-time session. I especially appreciated the extended time we had to learn and process the material we learned. It was so helpful to practice with each other over time and to share experiences."


Reiki I Certification & Mentorship

"Kim is an experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate therapist who embraces a holistic approach. The Reiki Training and Mentorship was excellent-- informative and very hands on. I really learned so much, and we had a lot of opportunity to ask questions and share our own experiences. Some things that stand out for me were learning about spirit guides and learning how to sense the energy, and learning to protect ourselves from absorbing energy. It provided a great foundation for self care and for developing a Reiki practice. Kim offers an intuitive, spiritual approach to healing in a serene, inviting space. Highly recommend for anyone!"


Reiki training and mentorship with Kim

​"I rate my training 5 our of 5 stars and I met all of my goals. I felt comfortable, inspired and motivated in the class. I felt as though I was free to ask any questions if I had any and that they would be answered adequately. Card readings were an amazing asset and highlight to the experience." 


Reiki Training & Mentorship with Kim

"LOVE LOVE LOVE the Reiki. It was completely new to me and at first I wasn't sure about it. But it was amazing. Calming. I recommend Kim without reservation" 


Reiki with Kim

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