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Researching and Writing

Writing intuitive poetry began quite unexpectedly one day as Kim sat to meditate and journal. She started receiving poems daily provided to her by spirit,  writing as quickly as she could. The poems provide wisdom and information. Kim asks spirit questions for others, receiving guidance and messages in poetic form. Poems range anywhere from 3-6 hand written pages. 

The following is a poem given to her when she asked how to present this on her website:

So a poem you ask

for your website,

to explain this to all,

even those who are uptight.

So yes we shall provide this to you,

For this is how we speak - and what we do,

when we are working through you.

And over time,

you will still receive a rhyme,

but you will also receive 

messages spoken without reprieve.

There are many ways to receive a message,

and through our little dove we provide this passage.

For your human shell

divides you from the well

which holds all information and healing.

You can connect to us with merely a feeling,

or you may see a vision in your head,

Place all doubts to bed!

You may hear in your mind,

words of wisdom - always kind.

For anything negative comes from you -

your ever active ego shining through.

So it is with rhymes and riddles

we speak to thee.

Through our little dove,

for you all to see,

the power of love has endless possibilities.

And spirit's message comes in all forms,

Enjoy our poems we send specifically for you,

answering your questions and providing wisdom.

For this is what we do.

And with pen to paper, through our little dove,

we will speak to you with kindness and love.

"I received in an intuitive poem while sitting with Kim. If I had not seen this with my own eyes, I may not have believed it was possible. I watched her sit quietly and write quickly and non stop! I was really struggling with my career path. Is this where I should be? I couldn't believe how the words written spoke directly to my heart. It was very emotional - in a good way! After receiving my intuitive poem, a calmness came to me that Is hard to describe but something has  freed me of my self doubt. My poem clarified the“ why” that I kept asking myself. The poem answered the questions I already knew deep inside but needed a nudge so I could find some peace and clarity." ~ Helene 

Intuitive Poetry


I cannot say enough wonderful things about Kim and her amazing staff at A Centered Self. Kim’s ability to know exactly what you need to lead you your best self is amazing! She is by far one of the most intuitive people I know as well as gentle, compassionate and kind♥️. A true gem! Be sure to check out all of the amazing services offered at a centered self from therapy to reiki to amazing classes of all types." - L. M.

Intuitive Reading

L. M.

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