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My Philosophy

I have had many challenges and difficulties in my life, and perhaps you have too. These lead to paralyzing limiting self beliefs that I struggled to overcome. It stopped me from being the full expression of me and feeling complete. Are you feeling this way?


I tried many paths in my healing, but it was my own spiritual awakening that helped me the most. This was the discovery of my Soul and all of its healing powers, wisdom, and love. The more deeply connected I become with my Soul, the harder it is for me to fall back into my old patterns of thinking and being. It is now my passion to help you do the same, so you can receive the healing you deserve and need.


Our Souls are enriched by the struggles in our lives, creating opportunities to grow, awaken and ignite healing. As we look at our struggles through the eyes of the Soul, we discover wisdom and philosophy to help guide us on our journey. As your Soul rises, you will begin to heal and find more joy. Your divine truth resides within your brilliant, loving Soul, your eternal spiritual director. Imagine what it would feel like to know your Soul and your purpose in this life!

I use all of my skills as a therapist, coach, psychic medium and energy healer in sessions to guide you on your healing journey. My Discover Your Soul Coaching aims to connect you with the power of your Soul and cultivate this relationship to ignite healing and transformation.


I also provide energy healing, channeled meditations and writing from my Soul and spirit guides to help you heal. Listen to my meditations, enjoy my podcast and attend classes for inspiration, personal growth, and intuitive development.


My Journey

Ever since childhood, I have wanted to help and support others. I could feel people’s moods, pain, and joys and would often know what was occurring with others without even speaking to them. These were the first glimpses of my empathic and intuitive abilities, and this may describe you as well. As a young adult, I received my masters degree in social work and proceeded down the path of traditional mental health work.


It was with the loss of my grandmother that my mediumship ignited. I spoke to her frequently, experiencing an awareness of her presence. This gradually changed to a conversation, where I heard and felt her answering back. This was not my imagination, as she gave me evidence that I was able to confirm. This helped to heal my grief significantly and confirmed for me that life continues after death. This igniting of your intuition may describe you as well.


I continued to have more spiritual experiences. I entered intuitive development classes to strengthen this ability. This changed my life, including my spiritual belief system, my work, and my relationships. It forced me to listen to my Soul and to understand it is through a relationship with the Soul that the most significant growth and healing occurs.


This journey has given me great joy. It is my passion to share with you the wisdom I have learned about the Soul and the world of spirit.

Education & Experience

My spiritual mediumship development has been with internationally and nationally renowned teachers—Mavis Pitilla, Karissa Eve, Anthony Mrocka, Chris Drew, Darren Brittain, Suzanne Giesemann and Maire Davies. I also completed a two year mentorship with. Mavis Pitilla and a one year mentorship with Anthony Mrocka and Karissa Eve.  Spiritual mediumship development is a life-long process, and my goal is to continuously learn, grow, and advance.


After completing a bachelor’s degree in psychology at SUNY Stony Brook, I received my master’s degree in social work at Adelphi University and have worked in private practice settings as well as medical and psychiatric hospitals. I was the founder of a holistic healing center, A Centered Self, where I worked collaboratively with other healing practitioners, providing psychotherapy, Reiki, Herbal Medicine, Health Coaching, Trauma Informed Yoga, Bereavement Support and classes.

Degrees & Certifications
  • Trained Spiritual Intuitive Medium

  • LICSW, MSW, Masters in Social Work, Adelphi University

  • Reiki Master Teacher

  • Certified Transformation Life Coach

  • Certified Hypnotherapist

  • Certified QHHT Hypnotist

  • Certified Soul Entrainment®

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