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Intuitive Mentorship, Readings & Reiki
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Intuitive Mentoring With Kim

Are you experiencing a spiritual awakening and wanting to reach a deeper understanding of this process?

Are you curious about your intuition, want to learn how to trust and use it more effectively?

Are you a developing intuitive or psychic medium looking to strengthen your confidence, trust and overcome feeling anxious or nervous prior to readings?

Mentorship provides the opportunity to learn in a private, safe and supportive environment with Kim's expertise as a therapist, coach and person who has also experienced a spiritual awakening and developed psychic mediumship for many years.

Work individually or in a small group of your choosing.

Intuitive Mentoring Will Allow You To:

Understand, strengthen and learn how to use your intuition and intuitive abilities. 


Develop discernment between your mind and your intuition to help you feel confident and trust in it.

Address aspects of you that are affecting your belief and trust in your intuition..

Ask questions and work on your individual needs with privacy in a safe and supportive environment. 

Allow Kim to guide you with education and support as you discover and explore your intuition, intuitive abilities, expand your spiritual beliefs and progress in your personal development.

Mediumship Mentoring

As a medium, are you still developing confidence and trust in your mediumship?


Do you become anxious or filled with doubt before a reading? 


Have you pursued technique, practiced and still can not find your self belief in your mediumship? 

As mediums, there is so much focus on technique and very little on personal development. Aspects of yourself show up in readings in forms of limiting self beliefs, unresolved grief and trauma. This limits your confidence.

Kim will help you understand the connection between yourself and confidence in your readings. The Soul is the medium, however, the medium effects the mediumship.


Mediumship development is also personal development and addressing your growth is a powerful way to enhance your mediumship readings. It will leave you feeling confident and trusting in your abilities. 

Ask questions and work on your individual needs with privacy in a safe and supportive environment.

Kim will use her skills as a therapist, coach and spiritual medium to help you make connections between who you are as a person and how this is playing out in your intuitive abilities and readings.


You will learn important self care practices to support you in your awakening and help gain clarity, igniting excitement, hope and fulfillment.

Kim will support and guide you in deep exploration of yourself, how this is interacting in your intuitive work and provide customized education. 


How to Begin

Working Individually With Kim:

Book your first session or a Free Be Inspired Call where Kim will help you define areas to explore and your goals.

Work individually or in a small group. 

$175 per individual session | Or Packages:

$597 per 4 session package  | $1088 per 8 session package |

or Payment Plan: 8 sessions, $325 per month over 4 months

Working In A Small Group:



6 classes, 2 hours each

2 individual meetings with Kim, 30 minutes each

Numerology consultation to help ignite confidence and self acceptance.



Group of 4: $547 per person

Group of 6: $425 per person


If you gather your group, you will receive a 25%  discount on cost. Bring 1 friend, receive 20% discount.

Contact Kim with questions.


Intuitive Readings

In an intuitive reading, Kim connects to bring you clarity and provide guidance. Kim may use various tools such as oracle cards or if you like she can read your tea leaves in an ancient practice. 


In mediumship readings Kim will connect with your loved ones in Spirit to provide evidence of their continued existence.

For development of your intuitive abilities, Kim provides courses and private mentorship.

Reiki Treatment


Reiki is a gentle restorative energy healing which can help you physically, emotionally and mentally.


During your session, Kim will clear and balance your chakras and let you know what she senses You will feel balanced and restored.

Contact Kim if you are interested in becoming certified in Reiki.


Be a part of our community.

Grow personally and spiritually.

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