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Discover Your
Soul Co
Awaken Your True Self
& Transform Your Life

Are you yearning to ignite a more self-loving and confident version of you?

Longing to feel worthy, believe in yourself and

stop the negative self talk?

I am so glad you are here....let's change your story....

Are you eager to understand your intuition and
awaken your authentic self?

Create a life with meaning and purpose as we
unveil your Soul and discover the true you...

Do you desire to learn about your Soul, to unleash self value and move away from the negativity of your mind

Re-write how you define and look at yourself...

Live empowered and embrace who you are...

Wellness Coach


all services offered remotely via Zoom

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 Discover Your Soul Coaching Program

Uncover the depths of who you truly are and move

away from the limiting beliefs of your ego mind. Discover your true self,

Soul & purpose. Become empowered and confident. Heal from the effects of trauma and anxiety.

Soul Sanctuary
Forum Members

This is our sacred space for you to grow personally & spiritually. Enjoy 2 monthly education and healing events and a private members page. Connect with others who are on a spiritual path of healing.

Readings & Reiki

Learn many topics including intuitive and personal development. These are

pre-recorded lectures with workbooks. 

In readings, Kim connects with your energy to provide clarity and  guidance.

Reiki is energy healing. 

Virtual via Zoom

Enjoy a variety of events including mediumship demonstrations, practice circles, teachings, channeled affirmations personalized for you, meditations and more!

All events are virtual unless specified.


Your Journey


Dear One,

Are you caught in the same negative patterns and self doubt? Do you stop yourself from moving forward into your purpose? Are you yearning for a place where you can learn and grow?

All of my work aims to move you away from the noise and negativity of your ego mind to cultivate strong self worth and discover your Soul and purpose. 


Participate in my Discover Your Soul Coaching Program to become confident, stop listening to the negativity of your ego mind, and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Together we will discover the power and love within you. 

Join our Soul Sanctuary Forum member community to enjoy educational and healing events.

Do you want to shift into a new more powerful and confident you? Your Soul believes in you - and so do I. Book your free discovery call today to learn more.

Your Soul's love flows eternal. 


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Join our Soul Sanctuary Forum Membership

Become a member of our Soul Sanctuary Forum community to enjoy monthly educational and healing events!

Begin Your Journey Today

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