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Begin Your Inner Journey: Self Belief, Intuition & Life Purpose

Are you tired of allowing your self doubt to hold you back? Are you curious about what is deep within yourself and wish you could trust your gut? Are you still hurting from past wounds making it hard to believe in yourself and do what fulfills you? If 'Yes', this is for you!

Begin Your Inner Journey: Self Belief, Intuition & Life Purpose
Begin Your Inner Journey: Self Belief, Intuition & Life Purpose

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Offered twice yearly



When you break free from the chains of self-doubt, unlock you intuition and discover your life purpose, your life becomes happier, less stressful, more fulfilling and empowered.

When you get rid of the cycle of uncertainty and negative self talk you believe in yourself and begin to trust your intuition.

When you heal past wounds and learn how to have a deeper connection with your inner self you strengthen your self belief, understand your intuition and discover your purpose.

Do you want this for yourself?

If 'Yes', then this group program is for you! 

You will feel nourished and uplifted as you learn how to go deep within yourself for guidance and clarity. This will help you believe in yourself.

You will feel the embrace of your inner self, filling you with inspiration, empowerment as you shift to understand and trust in your intuition.

Do you have an inner critic coming from your mind?

You will feel happy again as you shift from negative to positive self talk, and begin to discern between your mind and intuition.

Ready to step into your magical and spiritual self?

What you will get in this program:

  • Dive into Self-belief, Intuition, and Life Purpose so that you can understand what beliefs about yourself are holding you back and work on changing them....
  • So that you can finally understand how your intuition works and start trusting and using it for the guidance you need...
  • So that you can unveil your purpose - and trust in it. Nothing will be holding you back anymore because you will believe in yourself!
  • Explore healing your inner child and building emotional resilience to settle down the triggers that stop you and release the fears that keep you stuck.
  • Feel yourself moving forward, feeling free to be the full expression of you!
  • Understand signs & synchronicities so that you know when the universe is speaking to you and you can use this information for guidance and reassurance
  • We will reveal your Soul's journey, what you came to learn and do through numerology and the Akashic so that you can trust in your life purpose and accept and love yourself!
  • Learn how to set intentions and manifest to help with self love and creating the life you truly want!
  • Celebrate your journey & have fun!

🌺 Experience a supportive, compassionate, fun and spiritually empowering environment for sharing and learning!

You will understand how to use these 3 most important parts of yourself to strengthen and feed one another.

If you are saying, 'YES', here is the first step you can take to make these amazing shifts in yourself:

Joining this program is a message you are sending to yourself, that you are ready to shed your self doubt, step into a new empowered intuitive version of you aligned with your purpose.

Are you ready to step into your magical and spiritual self?

If you are saying, 'YES', sign up today!

Private fb group for community, support and interaction. 

In my 35++ years of working with clients, I have found the most powerful way to create lasting growth and change is to combine the strengthening self belief, intuition and life purpose. 

Are you ready to begin a transformative journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and purpose? 

📅 Session Structure:

  • 1-hour sessions with teachings and experiential activities
  • Online via Zoom, live & recorded
  • Workbook & guided meditations homework to learn how to create your own magic 


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*All sessions are held both live and recorded for your convenience

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