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Discover Your Soul Coaching Program - Winter 2024

Join this 10 session program to work 1:1 with Kim and begin 2024 embraced in self love and living in alignment with your Soul. Experience deep healing and learn how to use your Soul to navigate your life.

Discover Your Soul Coaching Program - Winter 2024
Discover Your Soul Coaching Program - Winter 2024

Event Details Below

Winter 2024

Via Zoom


Do you want to learn how to build a connection with your Soul?

Do you want to live with gratitude?

Are you ready to feel fulfilled and stop criticizing and judging yourself? 

You will work individually with Kim to learn about your Soul, how to connect with it and use it to navigate your life:

  • Shed layers of limiting beliefs, life's struggles, trauma and grief
  • Become confident as you connect with your soul and redefine yourself with the words of your soul
  • Look at yourself in a new and loving way, letting go of your negative self beliefs and hurtful self-talk, understanding  that the true essence of you even on your most difficult days is all love and light
  • Overcome the power stress and anxiety hold over you, understanding their roots and letting go
  • Discover you are worthy and enough
  • Allow the love from deep within you to be your driving force in every expression of you
  • Allow your soul to rise and touch you and all around you
  • Connect to joy even while grieving and struggling
  • Ignite faith and hope and live in gratitude
  • Live a life fulfilled
  • Become a reflection of your soul - powerful, loving and radiant

Kim works intuitively, using her developed ability to connect to your soul and energy to receive information about your life experiences, how they have affected you emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually, and the healing you need to overcome your struggles. She incorporates all aspects of her professional training in this program.

The Soul Coaching Program

  • 10 1-on-1 sessions
  • intuitive readings and assessment to define healing needs and goals
  • education and spiritual exploration
  • teachings on how to blend with your soul
  • guidance and release of limiting beliefs to ignite self love and transform how you define yourself
  • energy healing
  • meditations created for you
  • custom gratitude affirmation or prayer
  • channeled poem created for you
  • numerology reading
  • workbook/journal which coordinates with each session

1 Hour Sessions

Dates & Times EST: To be determined by you and Kim after registration.

You will choose your preferred day and session time at registration. These will be assigned in order of purchases. Kim will work with your availability to find a time that works best if your preferred time has been taken.


Pay deposit of $555 at registration

At registration choose option to pay in full (Total cost is $1997 which is a remainder of $1442) within one week of start date or 

Choose a payment plan ( 3 more installments of $555 to be completed by your 7th session)

Contact Kim with questions.

No Refunds.

Choose Quantity

  • Intuitive Soul Coaching




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