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Illuminate Your Intuition Recorded Workshop

Do you ever have a gut feeling or knowing that you can't explain? Do you sometimes ignore your intuition because you are unsure and don't trust it? Then this workshop is for you!

Illuminate Your Intuition Recorded Workshop
Illuminate Your Intuition Recorded Workshop

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Have you ever had a feeling in your gut, or a thought, a knowing, that didn't seem like it came from your own mind? 

When this occurs, are you sometimes unsure whether to trust it? Does it get confused with all of the noise inside your mind?

This is your intuition. It is your superpower filled with wisdom and guidance for you. It speaks softly, and can be drowned out by the mind. 

Imagine if learning that you are wonder woman, filled with powers that you are not tapping into.... This is what you are doing when you ignore or are unsure about your intuition, you are leaving your own superpowers unused.

Do you want to use your intuition to guide you through life, your business decisions and help your clients? Your intuition is waiting for you to discover and better understand it. This is the most important resource in your life and completley underused and misunderstood! 

How do I know if this is for me?

Do you:

  • Feel disconnected from your intuition
  • Become confused between your mind, fears and intuition
  • Want to receive more information from your intuition
  • Want to use your intuition to guide you in your business and personal life
  • Want to strengthen your ability to work intuitively with clients

How will I change from this workshop?


  • What is your intuition, its purpose and where it comes from
  • What disconnects you from your intuition
  • How the information is given to you, your Soul senses
  • How to recognize it
  • Enjoy a meditation to open up your chakras to connect to your intuition
  • Tools and practices to strengthen it and deepen your connection to it

This workshop is the beginning of your journey to understanding your intuition and resource which is filled with an abundance of wisdom created just for you!



You will be emailed the link to the recording of this previous live event.

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