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The Foundation

Updated: Feb 24, 2018

I love when I am asked, “Why did you name your practice A Centered Self?”, because it always leads to a conversation about self compassion, self worth and personal power! The title, A Centered Self, was born from my focus on building a strong foundation, which I believe resides in the center of our bodies, at the solar plexus chakra. Our solar plexus is where we hold our power, intuition, self worth and self esteem. All other aspects of ourselves build upon this. If we have a healthy solar plexus, we feel balanced, “centered” and ready to handle whatever life throws at us.

When we feel stressed or have hurtful or difficult interactions with others we experience these in our solar plexus. This can cause damage over time. The stronger this foundation, the less likely we are to be effected by other people and the stress in our lives. “A Centered Self is a foundation which can withstand the most powerful of storms” speaks to this. If we love the truest version of ourselves, than other people can’t influence our self worth in a negative way. Although all aspects of love reside in the heart, self love is born in the solar plexus. Many of us walk through life like glue, allowing the thoughts and opinions of others to stick to us. When we do this, our opinion of ourselves can be negatively altered. A strong solar plexus allows us to walk through life as a waterfall, allowing those interactions to glide right off of us and back to where they belong.

Feeling confident, strong and truly knowing ourselves is the goal. With this, all else feels possible. A strong foundation helps us express our creativity, feel grounded, balanced, experience love and self love, and trust our intuition. Without a strong solar plexus, these other areas can suffer. I am not talking about being narcissistic or self absorbed. I am talking about self compassion, confidence and understanding our worth and beauty. Being able to admit when we are at fault, needing to try harder or be more compassionate is also part of this center of ourselves. It is a knowing of our own truth.

Our intuition - that knowing without proof - enters through the solar plexus and is transformed into thoughts and feelings. When our solar plexus is solid, we pay attention to our intuition, trust it and follow its guidance. This helps us move through life feeling less anxious or scared. It prepares us for what is coming and re-assures us we can handle it. Our intuition is our greatest guide. Life is not meant to be easy, but we are meant to have the tools to manage it. The solar plexus is the greatest of all of these tools. With this, you can build anything.

Picture an old fashioned scale, and how it operates. The center point holds up the two sides. If this center point is off-skew, or not strong enough to hold the two sides, than no matter how you stack the scale, it won’t balance. I look at the solar plexus as this center point. It is integral for a peaceful coexistence of our mind, body and souls. We need equilibrium of the three to feel centered, healthy and happy.

The solar plexus is represented by a vibrant, golden color. It is powerful, brilliant and infinite in the energy it projects. Imagine the sun on the brightest day - vibrant and shining within this center point of ourselves. How would it feel to have this inside of you? Perhaps strong, powerful, calm, able to trust in how your life will unfold and knowing you are worthy. I have devoted this year to the solar plexus and will continue to blog about it each month. Join me in understanding and strengthening this area. Connect to your power and self worth and create a solid foundation for all other areas of your life!


Tip to strengthen your solar plexus:

Did you know certain herbs can help get the energy moving through your solar plexus? The best herbs for our solar plexus are sandalwood, saffron, musk, cinnamon and ginger. I asked Liane to create a special A Centered Self tea blend, "Transform", just for this purpose! She has created a delicious blend of some of these herbs and others to promote self love, empowerment and compassion. All you have to do is sit back and dedicate some time to sipping tea. Let the herbs do the work for you! Stop by and try our special blend or purchase.  ​

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