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"To surrender is to trust with our deepest capacity." ~ Kim

“Surrender”! Until recently, I mis-understood the meaning of this word. I believed it to mean giving up and disempowerment. As I have delved deeper into the development of my spirituality, I have been challenged to surrender myself into the care of the universe and to consider a different meaning of the phrase—to trust.

This challenged my need to be in control and my ability to trust. How could I give up the control I believed I had over my own destiny and place myself into the hands of what the universe has in store for me? Just the idea of this felt awful. I needed to understand why it was important to do this. How could surrendering possibly help me or anyone?

I had to really think about this. Perhaps “surrender” means something different from what I have believed. As I moved forward, I realized surrendering is not disempowering, but rather, a connecting to our deepest personal power. When we surrender, we must trust our own intuition. We must rely upon our solar plexus to receive wisdom from the universe and know it is correct. This is tricky, because, with intuition, there is no proof. It is a believing without evidence. If I surrender, it would mean completely trusting in my own ability to know, trusting my intuition, and opening myself up to receive this wisdom. The only way I could truly do this was to release all doubts and believe this wisdom holds value and truth. I needed my solar plexus to be healthy and strong to do this. Trust resides in this place inside ourselves.

The journey towards trust is a difficult one. Who doesn’t doubt himself at times? Who doesn't confuse intuition with fear and negative thoughts from his conscious mind? For many of us, releasing doubt is a daily exercise. (See tip below.)

All of these things—doubt, trust, empowerment, and valuing ourselves—reside in our solar plexus. If we completely surrender, we release worry, fear, and doubt. We trust the universe has a plan for us. We trust it will help us to evolve as humans and on the level of our soul. Therefore, I am laser focused on developing a healthy solar plexus. Imagine living each day without fear, worry, or doubt? How amazing would that feel?

Surrender! I now understand it is complete trust and faith. It is the acknowledgement that we are not in control, nor do we need to be. It is having faith in ourselves and the universe. To surrender is a challenge each day.

Tip to help yourself be free from worry:

Each day, take a moment to place your hands on your solar plexus, and state this affirmation: I trust the universe has a loving plan for me and is helping me evolve. I surrender myself into the hands of this path.

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