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all services offered remotely via Zoom

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Soul Sanctuary
Forum Private Members

This is our sacred space for you to be heard, valued, learn and to grow. Enjoy 2 monthly events and a private members page. Connect with others who are on a spiritual path of healing.

 Soul Coaching Program, Intuitive Readings
& Reiki Healing

As an intuitive, Kim is able to connect with your energy to bring clarity and provide guidance.

Reiki is a form of energy healing. 

Courses - Learn At Your Own Pace

Learn many topics including intuitive and personal development. These are a combination of pre-recorded lectures with workbooks,  circles with Kim. and a 30 day membership to the Soul Sanctuary Forum to enjoy additional healing events.


Enjoy a variety of events including mediumship demonstrations, practice circles, teachings, channeled affirmations personalized for you, meditations and more!

All events are virtual unless specified.

Soul Sanctuary Forum

Do you want to make amazing shifts in your personal growth?


Do you want to have an opportunity for inspirational discussions, learning and healing?

Do you want to find your tribe and feel connected to others who are healing and growing like you?


If you have answered, 'yes' to any of these questions, the Soul Sanctuary Forum is for you!

Enjoy to inspirational events monthly. Live and recorded.


Intuitive Soul Coaching

  • Are you curious about your life purpose and want to find your path?

  • Do you want to understand and connect to your soul to find direction, guidance and healing?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, this program is for you. Begin a healing and educational journey with Kim as your guide and witness, where you will learn how to connect with your Soul and let go of limiting beliefs, ignite confidence and heal.

Intuitive Reading

As an intuitive, Kim is able to connect with your soul to bring clarity and provide guidance.

During your session Kim may use various tools such as oracle cards or if you like she can read your tea leaves in an ancient practice. 


Reiki is a gentle restorative energy healing. During your session, Kim will clear and balance your chakras and let you know what she senses You will feel balanced and restored.

You will receive Reiki through Zoom.

Contact Kim if you are interested in becoming certified in Reiki.



Explore a variety of pre-recorded courses including intuitive development, personal development, the ego mind & more! Learn new techniques to use in your daily life. 

Courses include video lectures, live circles with Kim and a 30 day membership to The Soul Sanctuary Forum where you can enjoy healing and teaching events.



Teachings, Circles, Mediumship Demonstrations & Channeled Personalized Affirmations


Explore the variety of events offered. All events are remote unless otherwise specified.

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