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Signs Are Everywhere

Signs: the Language of Your Soul and Spirit

Signs are so much more than just birds and butterflies. Let me begin by saying, All is well.

My husband and I experienced a very stressful and frightening medical situation recently. I had to rush him to the hospital, and because of the level of his pain, I could not take him to my preferred destination, a large Boston Hospital. We had to go to a small local hospital, which quite honestly, I didn't trust. We spent an entire day doing tests and waiting for answers and a plan, while he suffered in extreme pain. As the day progressed, I started to really judge my decision not to go to a "better" hospital. I was really getting scared, because it looked like he needed emergency surgery. How could I trust them with my husband, the love of my life? I needed confirmation, a sign that I was making a good decision with his care.

The first sign came when I reached out to ask a trusted family member, for reassurance. Within minutes, through her connections, she had information about the surgeon. She was able to contact anesthesiologists who had worked with this surgeon and they said he is a great surgeon and they would trust him with their own family. Now, this may not seem like a sign to you, but I know it was. I had no idea she would have such connections. I called her just for some comforting words of support. I knew Spirit had helped her reach the right people so quickly. I felt my first wave of relief.

When the doctors recommended urgent surgery, we didn't even hesitate; we said ‘Yes’. My husband was in a phenomenal amount of pain and the length of time he had to remain that way was traumatic. He is very stoic and never complains, so I knew the pain was horrific. We needed this to be over. As the surgeon finished explaining, he said, "So, it is most likely this". In my head I started screaming "WHAT?!" You are not sure??!!". In that one sentence, the surgeon planted a seed of doubt which sprouted immediately into fear and worry for me.

We received our second sign after the doctor spoke with us. We were in the hallway of the emergency room, my husband in a bed and I in a chair, so we had no privacy at all while the surgeon spoke to us. A few feet away from me sat a woman who was a "sitter" which is someone observing a patient who is unsafe, in order to keep them safe. (Not us lol) The ER, needless to say, was in its typical mayhem all around us. She said to me, “Is Dr. B doing the surgery?’”. I said, “Yes”. She replied, ‘He is the best!’. She then said, "’He did the same surgery on me!’\” I thanked her. I really appreciated her sharing this with me! Then she said, “And I had a choice. It was not an emergency. I was able to choose my surgeon, and I chose him because he is the best. He is a big talker, but he is a great surgeon!.” I realized she knew the surgeon's words had ignited fear within me. She was reassuring me!

What was the chance of her being the person to hear what the doctor said, having had the same surgery, from the same doctor, and also being willing to speak to me about this? I KNEW this was a sign. All would be well. Spirit was talking.

Now, you may be saying, what do signs from Spirit have to do with Intuitive Soul Inspired Coaching? Everything. The closer we become to our Souls, the more familiar we are with this Divine part of ourselves. As a result, we become open to receiving and noticing Spirit speaking to us through signs. How do you feel when you receive a sign? Relieved, calmer, happy, less scared…. all of these things. Me too. Before I started my spiritual journey, I would have thought it was odd or a coincidence, but not a sign from the world of Spirit. Years ago I would have sat frozen in fear that entire day and even after his surgery. I would have been so anxious I couldn’t think. I’m sure I would have even been having panic attacks. This shift in my beliefs and the ability to feel closer to my soul has given me such peace and hope and relieves me of my anxiety and fears when they surface. This is my hope for all of you.

Signs are so much more than birds and butterflies. They are everywhere. They are in the expression or words of a stranger, a friend, a family member. They are in your receipts, your mail, your social media, television shows, movies and books. They are in the sky, the ocean waves, the city streets and along the highways, Signs can be anything. We miss most of them, but wow, when we receive them, everything feels better. Take notice. Enjoy what comes to you and trust it is the universe, your Soul and Spirit helping you. You are always beloved by them.

The photo of the heart in this post was a sign I received last weekend. I was taking a walk down the street and this paint chip in the shape of a heart was at my feet…My friend’s father had just passed and she told me his favorite colors were blue and green. She wanted to spread the word for people to wear these colors in celebration of him...

You are always being sent love from your Soul and Spirit. I hope you feel it. Nothing is a coincidence. Everything is divine.

As I began, all is well. My husband is fine, home and feeling great!

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